Friday, March 11, 2011

Indications of a Possible Set-Up In Assange Rape Cases Emerges

A Swedish police officer involved in the investigation against Julian Assange over sexual assault charges knew one of the two plaintiffs in the case against the WikiLeaks founder, police have confirmed, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

A policewoman involved in the initial investigation is a friend of one of the complainants. They apparently know each othe through Sweden's Social Democratic party activities.

According the SMH:
The pair corresponded on the internet 16 months before the allegations were made against Mr Assange, Miss A commented on a Facebook update on the police officer's page as recently as February 10 and Miss A links to the officer's private blog from her personal page.

The woman officer is also alleged to have posted negative comments on Facebook about Mr Assange...

It previously emerged that supposedly neither of the victims wanted to press charges against Assange but had instead gone to the police to find out if they could force him to undergo an HIV test after he had unprotected sex with them. And, according to reports, it was one of the officers involved in the interrogations who deemed what they had been through amounted to rape in one case and sexual molestation in another and took the matter to a prosecutor.

It's not clear, but it certainly makes sense to determine if the police officer, who brought the case to the prosecutor, was indeed the friend of Miss A.

If so, this raises the question as to whether the second complainant, Miss B, may have been mislead and set up by Miss A to go to the police "to see if Assange could be forced to take an HIV test" only to be delivered into the waiting hands of the politically active policewoman who is friends with Miss A.

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