Friday, March 25, 2011

iPhone 5 May Have NFC

So reports CNBC.

According to CNBC:
NFC – the acronym stands for near field technology – allows users to "swipe" their smartphones, as they do with credit cards or subway passes.
Very cool. But, don't ask me, ask CNBC, how the letter "C" got into an acronym for "near field technology". I'm guessing it probably stands for "near field chip" or something along those lines.


  1. pretty sure that would be NFC - Near Field Communication

  2. It is very cool but it also raises the question of security. Is this a whole new way for malicious hackers to steal information? Could it be a whole new way for the police state to obtain more information from individuals? When "toys" like this come wrapped in proper marketing consumers hand over the keys to their house and never ask questions. I remain skeptical but as a lover of technology I welcome to innovation.