Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Left's Key Operator Caught on Tape Discussing Plans to Destabilise Capitalism

Stephen Lerner, a former top official at one of the country's most-powerful unions, SEIU, has been caught on tape discussing how to destabilise capitalism.

As I have warned, the unhappiness with Wall Street's elite, who play footsie with government, e.g., Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase, is being transferred into a hatred of all of Wall Street and all of capitalism, by guess who? Those who want the power for themselves.

There are no officials from any non-government organization that visit President Obama at the White House more often than those from SEIU. The power elite, from all angles, are attempting to co-opt the dissatisfaction in the country for their own power grabs. They are all using the unhappiness with government to bring the control of government onto their platform.

In the case of Lerner, he is attempting to use the anger created by the mortgage crisis and redirect it to an anger against capitalism, i.e., anger against free markets. The mortgage crisis, as many warned in advance, was not created by free markets, but by the activities of the Federal Reserve in manipulating interest rates and the money supply. He is just stick handling the thinking on crisis toward his goals of huge new government power.

There is upset in this country, but, as important, there is ignorance about basic economics, also. Unless, this ignorance changes, there is no way to predict what way the direction any change in the country will take.

Listen to this chilling speech by Lerner, at a closed session at a Pace University forum last weekend.

The answer is not in politicians who promise change, or those who seek to replace government with themselves, the answer is, and always will be liberty. Learn as much as you can about it.

(HT2BusinessInsider and a special shout out 2 The Blaze, who first published the tape.)


  1. For starters, repeal the 14th & 16th amendments.

  2. Lerner is right on one thing, much of our economy is run on debt. That doesn't excuse his asinine plan though.

  3. What a laughable stupid strategy. His plan is akin to being on a ship out at sea and deciding to punish the officers for past abuses by scuttling the ship. Better yet, his strategy is like a group of investors heavily invested in the market making a plan to crash the market to teach their bankers a lesson. What I guess he fails to grasp is that union workers, especially the public sector kind, have a considerable amount of wealth (deferred comp, pensions, health plans, etc) to protect themselves which puts them on the side of the banker, whether he likes it or not. How do you climb to the top in an organization the size of SEIU thinking like this?

  4. You, Thomas Sowell, Beck and Ron/Rand Paul have turned the public into not taking these people seriously. Its good these tapes are released as it diminishes them into obscurity.

  5. It looks like left-anarchism is making a comeback. Typically, he's reversing cause and effect, blaming big business for corrupting big government. Whether on purpose or not, it satisfies his own needs, because he is only interested in being in charge of big government.

    Based on the response of the people in the room, there are plenty of empty heads ready to accept his gospel. It is an enticing idea, but it only leads to exchanging a Tsar for a commissar.

  6. Yawn. This is run-of-the-mill leftist activism. Lerner and his ilk feign opposition to the means by which the organized crime class became wealthy. But what Lerner and his friends really want is a cut of the action for theirselves and their clients, as Lerner makes abundantly clear.

    Also, something to think about, at 1:28--

    "Unions are almost dead. We cannot survive doing what we do. But the simple fact of the matter is [leftist] community organization are almost dead also."


  7. geoih,

    So big government corrupted big business?

    Well, no. More likely it was small and medium business that caused big government by petitioning smaller government for favors. The corruptions of smaller government increased during the process of granting the favors. Then the smaller government got bigger and badder, in order to make good on the favors, which helped small and medium businesses to become bigger and badder, just as their owners intended.

    SOME businesspeople, but not necessarily all businesspeople, are ever eager to get government to sponsor and to subsidize their affairs, to curtail competition, and so on. Nothing new about that. Yet what motivates the establishment of a government, any government, if not the desire for an armed committee to help manage the affairs of the most influential businesspeople?

  8. His discussion starts out sensibly enough (economy run on debt, etc.). But then I think he confuses where Wall Street and government involvement in different historic events. In my opinion, the idea of blaming "capitalism" for the problems is like blaming water for your basement flooding.

  9. Shocks me to say this, but I actually agree with his targets, and his analysis! But if he thinks his plan will be successful, he not only misunderstands economics, he is ignorant of the history of his own movement.

  10. Sweet plan! Because parasites don't really need a host, do they?

    Kidding aside, it is disturbing how much access these people have to the leviathan in DC.