Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh Woh, The Problems Robert Reich Sees

When you think government should be involved in everything, the burdens of the world can appear overwhelming. Reich thumbs:
Libya and Middle East critically important. Japan's perils merit attention. But jobs and wages here at home must be highest priority.
Actually, I am not personally worried about any of these situations. Most of the situations Reich lists should be handled locally. In the case of jobs and wages, free markets, and the elimination of 'unemployment insurance," could solve the problem fairly rapidly.

No wonder Reich doessn't have time to study up on excess reserves. He is pretty much concerned about every problem in the world, outside of jock itch.


  1. but Krugman worries about collective crotch health:
    "The U.S. health care system is a scandal and a disgrace. But maybe, just maybe, 2007 will be the year we start the move toward universal coverage....People have been denied insurance for reasons that range from childhood asthma to a "past bout of jock itch.""

    (the internet is too much fun)

  2. Would love to see the "back of the envelope" calculation I am assuming this rabid socialist did to arrive at his conclusion that "jobs and wages here at home must be the highest priority." Or any other conclusions he's arrived at, ever.

    Show us your math, Robert Reich.