Thursday, March 17, 2011

Protesters Being Shot at Point Blank Range in Baharian

Warning this is not pretty. Bahrain police, backed up by Saudi military, shoot at unarmed protesters that are right in front of them. When residents want real change, this is what the global elite and their puppets are really all about.


  1. Save this video for Conservatism 100: Conservatism for Dummies

  2. This is really apt considering a great quote I read on the forums yesterday:

    “We're dealing with bloodthirsty violent criminals when we're talking about the state. This is not a bunch of misguided do gooders. At their core is a lust for power and the violent capability and propensity to demand more of it.”

  3. Rubber bullets, but they can kill at that range.

  4. Rubber bullets? Ah, Bahrainian conservatives are gentle.

    Of course, what I do not know is if the guy in the red shirt is a statist. If he's a leftist or a Muslim then the answer must be yes.

    And if yes, then how are we not to characterize the event as justice combined with a timely reminder about conservatism?

  5. The same, only 1,000,000 times worse is coming to your town - the difference is that over here - the protesters will have guns with real bullets.

    WHY? Because we have immoral, corrupt, inept, treasonous criminals leading our government and corporations. AND too many of our citizens are not much better.

    I guess we'll be better off after it's finished - the population will be smaller - hopefully there will be fewer idiots.