Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Walter Block Does Chicago

Charlie Sheen eat your heart out. Following three gigs in Indiana, Walter Block will deliver three speeches in Chicago. Writes Dr. Block:
I will be giving three speeches in the Chicago area on April 8–9, two at the invitation of the Mises Institute and one brought to you by Jordan Batt (this one is free and open to the public). Here are the details:

April 8 Chicago, Mises Institute, “On minimum wage laws.” Info link.

If you have never heard Professor Block speak, and you are in the Chicago area, its well worth checking out. As I have said before, there are few libertarian advocates as hardcore as Professor Block.

April 8 Highland Park, “The general argument for privatization, applied to some hard cases: roads, food and drug safety, courts and police.” Info link.

April 9 Chicago, Mises Institute “Defending the Undefendable.” Info link
As I have written before, there are few libertarians as hardcore as Professor Block. Dr. Block was a personal friend of Murray Rothbard and is a true Rothbardian. You are unlikely to hear a presentation that more consistently applies the freedom principle. Whether it is about roads, drugs or the wages, Dr. Block speaks out and explains why a believer in true liberty needs to tell government to bud out of all these matters. If you are not convinced that government has no role in these matters, try attending the lectures and see if you still hold those views after listening to Dr. Block.

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