Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Did Lloyd Blankfein Say To Raj Rajaratnam During Their Friendly Exchange And Handshake Yesterday?

Goldman Scahs CEO Lloyd Blankfein testified recently during the show trial of Raj Rajaratnam, who is being tried for the non-crime of insider trading.

I'll let Bess Levin pick it up from here:
After several hours of questioning,...the judge called for a quick break. During that time, Lloyd apparently “walked up to defense lawyer John Dowd,” with whom he “exchanged some words and a laugh,” and then “rapidly extended his arm and quickly shook Rajaratnam’s hand.” A very brief dialogue ensued, Raj “smiled” and Blankfein walked away.
Levin then throws out a few speculations on what Blankfein might have said to Rajaratnam. But there is only one sure thing that Blankfein could have said to Rajaratnam that would have brought a knowing smile to his face:
Jeez, I hope at least one of the jurors has read Tom Woods' book, Nullification.
I hasten to add that Woods' book also discusses state nullification of Federal laws, the truth about the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution which reinforces the rights of states to nullify unconstitutional laws and much more.

Woods book is a tool in the battle of ever encroaching government, lets hope a juror in the Rajaratnam case has read the book, but so should so many more. Have you?

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