Sunday, March 27, 2011

Walter Block To Do Indiana

The great Austrian economist, Walter Block, will be giving three speeches in Indiana between March 30–31.

I hope Indiana will never be the same.

Dr. Block was a close personal friend of Murray Rothbard's and is as hardcore of a Rothbardian as you can get.

Here are the details and contact information for the events. They all are free and open to the public.

March 30. At 7pm. Topic: Free market environmentalism (IU Bloomington—main campus, Woodburn Hall, Room 101). For some, free market environmentalism is a logical contradiction. Block will demonstrate that the last best hope for preserving our environment is not socialism and government control, but, rather, yes, free enterprise and capitalism; For further information, contact Lindsey Ferguson, President YALiberty,, (812) 350-1009

March 31. At 2pm. Topic: Minimum wage and unions (IU Kokomo, Kelly Center Room 130 AC). Unions, both private and public sector, are an evil institution; one of their most heinous acts is their support for minimum wage laws, which create havoc and great unemployment for young, unskilled, and black workers. For further information, contact Justin Clark President, Young Americans For Liberty at IUK,, (765) 327-3283

March 31. At 7pm. Topic: Egalitarianism (Purdue University, Rawls room 1086). Wealth heterogeneity is often seen as a market failure. It is no such thing, as Prof. Block will demonstrate. Also, he will show that egalitarians are hypocrites, in that not a one of them, Rawls certainly included, can or actually does live according to this pernicious philosophy. Voluntary egalitarianism (charity) is fine. Coercive egalitarianism (progressive taxes, affirmative action) are rights violations. Spread the wealth schemes are a snare and a delusion. For further information contact: Nathan Murphy, Indiana YAL State Chair, Treasurer Purdue YALiberty,, (260) 415-6845



  1. Incorrect. Peter Singer gives away a very high proportion of his professorial salary - over 25%, I've read.

  2. Not enough. He should give more away. Why? By the own arbitrary standard he thinks others should. :)

  3. It impresses me and is far more than I would ever give away before death.

    I don't agree with Singer's positions. It doesn't mean he isn't a principled man by his own lights.