Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Barry Bonds Convicted

Barry Bonds has been convicted of obstruction of justice. The jury was deadlocked on other charges.


UPDATE: Technically Bonds faces up to 10 years in jail on the contempt charge, but court observers believe home confinement may be the penalty.

It is unclear if the judge in the trial will attempt to send the jurors back in for deliberations on the other charges. The defense lawyers and prosecutors are meeting behind closed doors with the judge.

UPDATE 2: According to CNN, the judge has declared a mistrial on the other 3 counts.


  1. In other news I'll never understand why this ever got to the point it did.

    I say decriminalize steroids! Matter of fact I want to see a league which ONLY allows athletes who are using. Haha!

  2. Many laws not justice.

  3. I sure hope they lock him up, so I can feel safe at night.