Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Block versus Bloomberg on Highways

The remarkable refusal to accept that the free market offers solutions for problems caused by government, continues to astound. The push for world domination of every nook and cranny of our lives, by a super elite, continues. It is being done by government operatives and the super-power hungry.

The latest example is the global step taken by New York City Mayor Bloomberg, World Bank President Robert Zoellick, Julie Katzman, Executive VP of Inter-American Development Bank; Michelle Yeoh, Global Ambassador for Make Roads Safe Campaign; and Andrey Vasilyev, Deputy Executive Secretary of the UN Economic Commission for Europe at the World Bank to launch a global program to reduce traffic fatalities.

According to Bloomberg, the World Bank  is conducting safety inspections of high-risk roads in three of 10 target nations – India, China, and Russia. And a new "Multilateral Development Bank Road Safety Initiative" has been launched. This is all being done in conjunction with the Bloomberg Foundation. Further, the United Nations, Bloomberg tells us, has signaled its commitment to this issue and next month is set to kick off its ‘Decade of Action for Road Safety’ initiative.

Despite Bloomberg committing some $125 million of his foundation's money, the names here are for the most part all global government agencies that are populated with economic hit men, backed up with propaganda from the United Nations.

It is simply astounding that this group is allowed to promote, without questioning, that it has all the answers to all traffic problems throughout the globe.

Bloomberg is correct in saying that traffic fatalities are much too high, but it must be pointed out that all these fatalities occur on state controlled roads. And, it must be further pointed out that far from adding a global level of bureaucracy to the problem, there is a  free market solution.

In his book, Privatization of Roads and Highways, Walter Block painstakingly details this laissez faire solution. Many will be shocked to think that a free market, private road, solution exists. This shock  suggests though, more than anything else, the degree to which the world has been brainwashed to think that government, perhaps global government, is the only answer to most problems.

If you are a truth seeker but are among the many that think global dictates by Michael Bloomberg are the only solutions to improved highway safety, then you need to read Dr. Block's book immediately.   


  1. I just started reading this very book by Dr. Block over the weekend and NO ONE could EVER plausibly accuse the man of thinking "inside the box". What a brilliant, critically-thinking, courageous mind! Long live Walter Block (and may he influence countless numbers of others to smash the status quo)!

  2. i have been in this argument many times and the one thing i have noticed is that road socialists have no imagination. they are bankrupt with ideas and assume that every one else is to. there may be 1000 ways to solve the problem but they will not accept any of them.

    what exists is the only way it could possibly be.
    my conclusion is that the education system has been quite successful at weakening people's idea muscle.

  3. @ Mick,

    Yes Mick, that too!