Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What to Say to Primary Voters Who Won't Vote for Ron Paul "Because He Can't Win"

I attended the National Run Ron Paul Day meetup in San Francisco last night.

During the discussion period some brought up the problem that in the last presidential election many primary voters said they weren't voting for Ron Paul in the primary because "he can't win." Aside from the fact that A. We are not in normal times and indeed anyone could win in the upcoming primaries and general election, including Ron Paul and B. Even if a voter doesn't think Ron Paul can win, a vote for Ron Paul brings more attention to his important message, I suggested a third way to approach such a voter.

I said to simply ask such a voter if they would vote for Thomas Jefferson in a primary, if he was not the front runner in the polls. Of course, Ron Paul would be the Jeffersonian candidate, if he decides to run.  Anyone saying they would vote for Thomas Jefferson would then, if they are consistent have to say they would vote for Ron Paul. Once you realize that the primary race may be between Mitt Romney, Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich and a candidate that represents the ideals of Thomas Jefferson, how can you not vote for Ron Paul?


  1. People that won't vote their principals in a primary, will not vote for them in the actual election. People that are more interested in the power of winning an election, than the principals of the candidate, would never vote for Ron Paul anyway.

  2. Personally I think we are better off w/ a Democrat if we can't get someone like Ron Paul--similarly I think we are better w/ Obama than McCain. The mainstream Republican candidate (aka Obama-lite) will be associated w/ the free market so when those guys do the same thing as Obama and sh!t hits the fan the free market will get the blame--even if unfairly. I'd rather Obama and his socialism get the blame. Fortunately, today there are more Ron Pauls popping up everywhere.

  3. Would Thomas Jefferson even be eligible in a Republican primary?

  4. ron paul is the *only* republican who can win

  5. If he won, that would be GREAT, but he'd barely last a year.

    See A. Lincoln and J. Kennedy for reference.