Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Donald Trump Wants to Build a $100-Million Ballroom in the White House

LaTi reports:

Donald Trump may be eyeing the White House, but instead of measuring the drapes he's dreaming of a giant ballroom.

"I called up the White House about a year ago," the boisterous billionaire told ABC News' George Stephanopoulos. "And I saw that they were having lots of functions for people like the president of China … and I said, 'Listen, every time I see a function, you put an old broken canvas tent that they probably pay some guy, some local guy a fortune for.' I said, 'I will build you, free of charge,' to a very high official at the White House, 'one of the great ballrooms of the world,' " Trump said.

The official was David Axelrod, who confirmed with ABC that the proposed ballroom would be a lot like the gaudy white-and-gold spectacle at Trump's 118-room, 65,000-square-foot-plus Palm Beach, Fla., estate, Mar-A-Lago.

Trump says such a room would cost "maybe $100 million. Anywhere from $50 to $100 million."...Trump says he would bring in the world's top 10 architects, set up a committe, and then be democratic about the much-needed ballroom with the eight- or nine-figure price tag.

"We’ll pick the one that everybody agrees, because it's a little delicate," Trump, who has recently been a fixture on TV talk shows, said. "You know, it is the White House, after all."


  1. If Trump is elected, his first official act will be to rename The United States of America to "The Trump Passage".

  2. So Trump thinks Chinese imports are destroying the US economy, but doesn't mind destroying local businesses when it's D.C. importing from him. He doesn't think twice about putting that poor tent rental guy out of business.

  3. Is he gonna pay for this ballroom or am I going to be forced to pay for it?