Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Drudge: Bombshell Book Coming on Location of Obama's Birth

The Drudge Report is featuring a report on a new book that claims to prove that President Obama was not born in the United States. Drudge writes:
After years of research and digging by the nation's top private investigators, here it comes:

"WHERE'S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE? The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President."...

The street date is a LONG month away, and author Jerome Corsi, the man who torpedoed John Kerry's presidential dreams with SWIFT BOAT, has gone underground and is holding his new findings thisclose.

"It's utterly devastating," reveals a source close to the publisher. "Obama may learn things he didn't even know about himself!"


  1. Yawn. So now a "natural born" fascist can take over his reign?

    Glad imaginary lines enforced by gangs of armed thugs mean so much to so many jackasses

  2. Danger Pioneer,

    I get what you're saying, but it will still be hilarious if it turns out to be true. All the people who complained about Bush "shredding the Constitution" are going to suddenly not care about that old parchment if they are Obama supporters.

  3. You know, I'm getting tired of all of this.

    Even if this was real, it doesn't matter anyway. Legality is not something that concerns politicians.

    Not only is the case non-existent to weak, the fact that it is from that lying swiftboat hack automatically taints it as political lies designed to attack, smear, and maybe make a little money on the side with the people stupid enough to buy this crap.

    This is hype bullshit. It reeks from miles away.

  4. Gee wilikers, a president doing something unconstitutional !!?!?!

  5. Consider the source. It is important. For an assertion by such a source will bring a knee jerk or conditioned response from those who would find themselves on the defense of such a claim. This makes it even more useful than the truth for it taints any future like-revelations on the subject, no matter how blatantly factual, with the same air of misinformation. The timing is meant to fortify brand Obama against any like accusations in the coming election cycle.
    But like many comments above note, it would seem to make no real difference. But the effort is noteworthy just the same.

  6. Please excuse me as I want to clarify the last 3 sentences of my previous post:
    Consider the source. It is important. For an assertion by such a source will bring a knee jerk or conditioned response from those who would find themselves on the defense of such a claim. This makes it even more useful than the truth for it taints any future like-revelations on the subject, no matter how blatantly factual, with the same air of misinformation.

    I theorize that the timing OF THE BOOK'S release is meant to fortify brand Obama against any like-accusation about his birth in the coming election cycle.

    But like many of the comments above note, it would seem to make no real difference. But the effort to circulate this information (true or not), and the likely "news" pieces it will generate in mainstream channels is noteworthy I think.

  7. Who cares about Obama? I just want to know how could Ron Paul NOT have become president already? Probably he is too honorable. He would clean up this mess if we gave him the chance. What's wrong with America? When people abroad think of the American Dream, and everything that is supposed to be right about this country - its inherent freedoms, liberties, and stance against tyranny - they invariably think, all over the world, that Ron Paul says it right. Believe me - they don't think about "birther" tactics and stratagems by some secret gangsters subverting our freedoms like Nazis for the sake of corrupt power! I hate politics, I hate politicians, I hate ALL those repugnant bureaucrats who want to destroy the last vestiges of what is right and good about America. Yet, in spite of this, I think Ron Paul is an honorable American.

  8. I agree completely about the doctor and Congressman. There is probably only one man in our country today with the character, dignity, knowledge, and scholarship to lead us ALL in the direction toward a moral and righteous America. That individual is of course Ron Paul. If we could simply protect him from being lampooned by a merciless, stupid, and psychotic press, we would all see the benefit of greater freedom and moral clarity, rather than being ruled by corrupt gangsters, and more importantly, the secretive cabal of crooks that rules the Federal Reserve. "End the Fed!" We have not lived in a true republic since 1913. Anyone who knows his history knows this Truth. In other words, forget Obama or repent.

  9. Corsi is not a conspiracy theorist, but a good journalist/reporter. He never overstated past reports and was if anything, more Conservative in his pronouncents than most who doubt "Obama's" pedigree.

    I do think, however, the the book ads may be overrhyped to generate additional sales.

    It is obvious that "Obama" is hiding many things, we just don't know what they all are. More and more is leaking out now. The recent revelations about how he got on the Hawaii ballot fraudulently are astounding. If he had nothing to hide, then why DID did he go through all those machinations? Why doesn't he simply release all of the requested records and be done with it? Why indeed?. Aren't you even a little bit curious? This is incredible- absurd.

  10. I can NOT believe that people say they don't care about this issue, or that it doesn't matter to them. How totally and utterly ridiculous can they be!!!! Our constitution is the guidance that makes this country what it is; yet everyday a little more of it gets chipped away and people respond by saying "it doesn't matter" What a bunch of brain-washed idiots!!!!

  11. America ceased to exist a long time ago at the hands of the corrupt politicians, Fed Reserve, and cronies thereof including the Jack Booted Thug TSA, Militant Police Forces, etc.

    All those whom swore to uphold the Constitution have done exactly the opposite and are guilty of treason.

    But what does it matter in the United Police States of America?

    The fallen Republic, the land of law by convenience for those whom can afford it and the land of the slaved and depraved for those whom cannot.

    Even if the Birth Certificate debacle is true that Obama is not a natural born, Obama cannot be tried for Treason because he is not a citizen but he can be tried and prosecuted for fraud.

    In addition every action he took and every document he signed as POTUS becomes null and void.

    But who cares about the law in the most controlled imprisoned country in the world .....

    Patriotic garbage of a garbage Government whom turned a great country into garbage.

    The US is #1 ..... agreed, at debt, starting wars, lying, intimidation, lawlessness, no need to go on .... the truth is obvious if those with their patriotic blinders would take them off and really take a good look at what is and has happened.

    And by the way are the comments above coming from the US Governments new Internet Propaganda Machine????

    I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands ..... oooops - stood ....

  12. In the words of Matt Groening...
    I plead alliance to the flakes
    Of the untitle snakes of a Merry Cow
    and to the Republicans, for which they scam (and scam, and scam -- my addition)
    One nacho, underpants
    With licorice and jugs of wine for owls.

  13. Executive order by the President hereby proclaims that the President was born in the US regardless of any information or evidence to the contrary.

    Now move along! Nothing to see here.

  14. I really don't think the people care any more if he's even a legal resident. As long as their welfare and food stamps, along with their free housing keep coming, they really don't care.

  15. It is clear that the millions Obama has spent keeping his past hidden was for a reason. If he had nothing to hide, why fight disclosure? He has a LOT to hide, from Bill Ayers, who said he wrote Dreams of my Father, and many scholars agree that the book was too intellectual for Obama. Rev Wright and his black liberation theology is a complete nut and Obama sat in that church for 20 years. Tony Rezko, a sleezebag, and one of his real estate buddies. This guy stinks to high heaven. He hates white America and wants to give away its resources to those who never held a job and get their monthly welfare check and food stamps. He will take us to a banana republic if we let him. Lastly, I do not believe he was born in Hawaii. A certificate of live birth is NOT a birth certificate. There is no dr, no hospital, just an announcement that a birth has been acknowledged. I am buying the book.

  16. If you morons don't care about the law then you have no right to complain when it screws you over.

    Obama has proven he has no qualifications to be President and now it looks like he's failed the most basic requirement of the Constitution.
    But all you little loyal minions to the Commander in Cult could care less. Even if they had video of Obama strangling his grandmother, you would just say "ho hum, move on, I'm bored" and all the the rest of the feeble minded pablum we hear from his defenders.

    This is a nation of laws not men and whether it's illegal aliens or Wall St.hucksters,the lack of respect for the law is going to be the ruination of our civilization

  17. Lets hope it's true.... so we can finally prove how dishonest this guy really is.

  18. My question is how much proof will it take- that this entire Presidency has been an entire SCAM from the very beginning- that being said when they went after Clinton and IMPEACHED him for far less than TREASON of the highest order and STEALING millions from the AMERICAN PEOPLE and from the world in general.Why are all these people so BLIND that they chose to ignore the very facts that have been set out before them for the past several years. DO THEY EVEN CARE ABOUT THIS COUNTRY.

  19. To hell with whether the current ASSisdent of the united ass is qualified by the constitution of no authority.

  20. If it comes out definitively that Obama is not legally allowed to be president I view it as a small victory for it further shows that only mundanes are subject to the rule of "law" and not the pols. Any erosion of the credibility of gov't and the pols in it is a good thing.

  21. My name is Tim Singleton. I put my name to my words. Always will.

    His grandma said herself she saw him born in Kenya. Since he was not born to American parents and is not a citizen that makes him ineligible to be president. I know some of you could give a rat's rear end about whether something is Constitutional or not. Whatever. The justice of the situation is that you have to live with the economic disasters this jug earred Kenyan is wreaking upon the nation as he monomaniacally pursues Cloward-Piven.

    Do I want him gone? Yup. I wish the thug-gangster politician from New York would be led away in chains for the acts of Treason he has committed against the US and her people while in league with the Federal Reserve.

    Do I want him to stay? LOL, yup, because the DA Progressives who voted for the man for whom I have no term fit for polite company should have to live with the consequences of their choices.

  22. if obama is not a usa citizen then all he did and signed to is then nul and void and also he can not be comander in chief of the us military and then all the soldiers he sent to war can then go home legally, it appears to me!!!

  23. Oh .. and I suppose you people would prefer "The Donald" for prez ?

    Funny! Only a moronic Nation would elect "W" and another trust fund jerk!

    The polls that claim 45% of USA citizens believe that Obama was not born in the USA, fail to mention that the very same 45% do not believe that Hawaii is part of the USA.

    As for NULL and VOID ... "W" is the very essence of NULL and VOID ... an embarrassment to all thinking USAmericans.

  24. Wow, Anonymous...I hate podiums, but even if you pontificated way to long, I agree with what you said. And after all that, the truth is simply the truth...and it will come out...Problem is...too late for our country...But...Karma's a bitch, and she's greedy and angry.....Here she comes OBAMA....

  25. The issue has nothing whatsoever to do with George W. Bush or Donald Trump. It has nothing to do with Ronald Reagan, FDR, or Bill Clinton. In short, the issue is solely about Barrack Obama. Is he a U.S. citizen by birth? If so, then the matter is settled. If not, then he, his Presidency, and the last two and one half years are frauds.

    If Obama is a citizen, the simple way to settle all of this is to produce the birth certificate. Failure to do that only promotes the notion that he is hiding something. If he were, in fact, a citizen by birth, he would have produced an actual birth certificate years ago.

    Which leads to the conclusion that he probably is not a U.S. citizen by birth. America was warned. The voters in November 2008 were told that his place of origin was in doubt. They were told that he was close to terrorists such as Bill Ayers. They were told that he was wedded to the philosophy of Saul Alinsky. They were told he had absorbed the virulent anti-Americanism and racism of Jeremiah Wright. They were told he had zero experience and qualifications for the position of President. They were told he was a Chicago political thug. But instead of listening to this, the voters listened to Obama's lies and deceit, all supported by the mainstream media, and, frustrated with Republican failure to turn the nation from the path of Leftism and dependence, voted for Obama. You certainly reap what you sow, people.

  26. lol @ Danger Pioneer - "Yawn. So now a "natural born" fascist can take over his reign?"

    Yea- a lot of good it will do us now, huh?

  27. Obama is a citizen, and was born in Hawaii. There's a birth announcement in a Hawaiian newspaper, which ought to hold more sway than any government document. That said, the document does exist, the gov of Hawaii released a copy, iirc. Obama may have had a globe-spanning childhood, but he was born here, and you only have to be born here to be a natural-born citizen.

  28. Treason - A post said that Obama can not be tried for Treason because he is not a citizen. Well ok, if the birthers are right, then wouldn't the people who with full knowledge and collusion BACKED him, PROMOTED him, and FINANCED Him for POTUS be Primarily guilty of treason!? That's the larger question here I think....Tar and feathers needs to make a come back in Washington. Some sort of political corruption PREVENTION/VETTING needs to. It's lunacy for sure............KC

  29. Although location of birth is important if 0bama was born out of the country, the real reason he is not constitutionally eligible to be the President is found in the original meaning and intent of the 18th century legal term of art, "natural born citizen."

    It is abundantly clear that Emmerich de Vattel was source of that phrase, and his definition is that a "natural born citizen" is the offspring of two citizen parents. 0bama does not meet that requirement.

  30. I doubt that Obama's birth was in the U.S. and will not be surprised if it's factual proven that he was, but as others have said, it won't make any difference to most Americans. The left-leaning press will use it to create sympathy for our socialist president and Congress will make no serious effort to address it. Sadly, we are nation lost in the maze of corruption and debt, who citizens (mostly) care little about our Constitution and elect representatives with similar attitudes. That said, I will personally work to support and defend our Constitution. It's all we really have.

  31. This topic was discussed in great detail in an erudite comment section a few years ago on a different blog. If a person's mother is an American citizen, the argument raged about whether her child born out of the country could be an American citizen by birth. The arguments for and against were quite confusing. If he could be a citizen by birth even if he were born in Kenya by an American mother, then I don't see the Senate removing him even if the House impeached. Re-election would be difficult, though, I would think.

  32. Specious reasoning from the usual suspects: "Yawn. So now a "natural born" fascist can take over his reign?" and "Oh .. and I suppose you people would prefer "The Donald" for prez ?"

    What's really being said: "I don't care if it's illegal as long as I get my way." Also, "all Republicans are fascists or have bad hair".


  33. wow, u know even if we care it doesn't matter any's all been planned &'s in the hands of the dark few... until humanity is ready to rebel on a global level it will continue as is and get even worse.....the hope will springforth when a people's leader comes forth from the masses to lead us out of this hell on earth......

  34. So what if it is true. Does anyone think he would be forced from office by the court or congress? Does anyone think the laws he signed would be voided? A tempest in a tea pot.
    G - 35

  35. It aint over till the fat lady sings and she aint sung it yet this country can still be saved but we must elect constitutionalists to office not democrats or republicans as far as Emporer Obama Everything he signed will become void no matter what all you socialist freloaders think He was not born here and he could get life in prison for this type of fraud

  36. So much has been said about this issue. I think Obama is a fraud and the American public is gullible as hell. It's more than his birthplace; its about how nobody knew him at Columbia, no professor knew of him, nobody has ever said they attended class with him. Noboby knows anything of his past. This guy creeps me out.

  37. Have any of you checked the birth certificate falsehood on You might learn something.
    Check your facts before throwing stones. If you spit in the wind, it will come back to your face!
    I have not seen such stupidity by so many anonymous postings. Afraid to identify yourself? Or, is anonymous the one and only person posting?
    Did Iraq have weapons of mass destruction? Not according to numerous inspections conducted after the US invasion. And, didn't Bush declare victory a few weeks after the invasion? Then why did Bush keep our troops over there. Why didn't he bring the troops home? Or, didn't Cheney and the war machine masters at KBR and Haliburton want to sell more armaments and services to the US Govt at inflated prices. But, that's OK since they belong to the 2% rich in America; and who I might add enjoyed reduced taxes under Bush. Or, do I have my facts straight? Hmmmmmm!

  38. We the People… are missing a significant and vital loss of credibility by the leadership of this great Nation. When our President raised his right hand and placed it upon a Bible, he swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States, so help him God. That pledge was made to every legal citizen of the United States. He pledged to adhere to all Constitutional laws established by the founders of this Nation, for one does not selectively choose what to accept or reject when one swears to uphold the entire Constitution. Every member of the United States Armed Forces enters the military by raising their right hand and pledging to uphold the Constitution, and to obey the orders of the President of the United States, and the officers appointed above them.

    If the President was not born within the United States as a natural American citizen (not naturalized) as required by the Constitutional laws he has sworn to uphold and protect, then under those same laws, there is a rightful succession of leadership as he steps down from the office which he does not honorably hold. Our forefathers were quite clear as to who was eligible and permitted and not permitted to hold the highest elected office of this land, and there is a formal succession of leadership.

    An Original Certificate of Live Birth was made available to the public in long form from the Department of Health, at Two things are striking. The first is that it is printed on Laser paper (bottom left corner), which is odd when the first laser printer was invented in 1969 and entered into production in 1971 – ten years after the birth of Mr. Obama. The second is a very faint date stamp printed upon the back of the form, in reverse which reads “JUN 8, 2007” in blue ink and is barely visible (you will require a mirror). This would have been the date at which the Original Certificate of Live Birth was received at the Office of Public Records to be filed. This action would have occurred within days of birth as a matter of administrative protocol by the hospital. For an Original Certificate of Live Birth, these two facts are troublesome to say the least.

  39. Hey John Nowells; gonzo309 here. Most folks, like me, don't want to open accounts to post, so the path of least resistance is to use anonymous from the "select profile" pulldown, like Tim Singleton.

    In response to some other postings;
    I've been following Corsi for over two years on (World Net Daily) and agree with webshopper on Corsi's positive credibility.
    Someone else mentioned Snopes as totally credible. They are credible when it comes to progressive comments or news stories, but are lacking in addressing conservative viewpoints on occasion.

    Terry summed up my feelings on Obama when he said "It is clear that the millions Obama has spent keeping his past hidden was for a reason. If he had nothing to hide, why fight disclosure? He has a LOT to hide, from Bill Ayers, who said he wrote Dreams of my Father, and many scholars agree that the book was too intellectual for Obama. Rev Wright and his black liberation theology is a complete nut and Obama sat in that church for 20 years. Tony Rezko, a sleezebag, and one of his real estate buddies. This guy stinks to high heaven. He hates white America and wants to give away its resources to those who never held a job and get their monthly welfare check and food stamps. He will take us to a banana republic if we let him. Lastly, I do not believe he was born in Hawaii. A certificate of live birth is NOT a birth certificate. There is no dr, no hospital, just an announcement that a birth has been acknowledged."

    I don't feel that Obama is elegible to be President or is a valid US citizen in the strict definition of the facts. The best hope we have is that he is finally outed with definitive proof and his executive orders and legislation, such as ObamaCare, are reversed all at one time (being illegal and enacted by a usurper). What we need is a Republican Senate or a Senate that is Libertarian, without respect to a particular party, and a House with some backbone to begin impeachment proceedings. If we can't stop the slide to socialism now, then our last chance will be at the 2012 elections.

    For those of us who are of the biblical persuasion, we know how it will end.....(and we win. 8-) ). Prophecy has told us what to look for and what to expect, which does reduce the stress somewhat, but we still have to do our part to help bring about the sane kind of "change" we need. Enough said for now.

  40. I would think that the controversy about Obama's place of birth ranks in significance with the arcane analyses concerning the definition of income for the purpose of collecting taxes under the 16th amendment or with the arguments that the 16th amendment itself wasn't properly ratified by the states, thus making it null and void. Obama's presidency is probably unconstitutional and so is the 16th Amendment, but so what. The political and social inertia in America is so great that these matters will never be addressed in any meaningful way by the public or by the power elites.

    Laws in America, including that idolatrous supreme law of the land, are crafted and enforced to keep us mundanes in bondage to the powers that be. Embarrassing developments which would weaken their grip over us are simply ignored by the state controlled corporate media.

  41. It seems the Patriot Act is being used to supercede the Bill of Rights and our laws are selectively enforced with the super-rich doing whatever they want -- and being untouchable in the courts. So what difference does it make who is President? Bush pushed the Patriot Act and got it passed. Obama renewed it. Two peas in a pod. So what if we discover Obama wasn't born in the USA? So what is he's found to have been a product of secret government agencies (as one highly credible author purports)? As a US citizen, your voice hardly matters. In case you haven't noticed, this is not your country. If you're not in the top one-tenth of US society in terms of wealth, you and your children are well on your way to serfdom, as you work off over one-quadrillion dollars of bankster debt that your well compensative elected representatives has given the taxpayer.

  42. John Nowells, I AM afraid of identifying myself for I served for many years as an intelligence analyst for several agencies during the peak of the Iraqi build up, the war years, and the post war occupational search for weapons of mass destruction. I was privy to information that you will never know and I am convinced that at one time, WMD was in fact located in Iraq in large quantities, but was removed just prior to the arrival of our inspectors – it was a “shell game”.

    The Honorable John R. Bolton, United States Ambassador to the United Nations identified Syria as possessing poison gas, used on its own population, as well as mentioning the presence of other weapons of mass destruction for the first time on Fox News, April 26, 2011. The Honorable John Bolton was the Director of the U.S. WMD Inspection Team in Iraq during the search period, his messages were full of anguish of failing to be allowed to enter facilities he knew were stockpiled with chemicals until trucks had left the compounds through rear exits. The absence of WMD in Iraq had been the belief of many in the intelligence community as having been moved to Syria between the end of hostilities and the arrival of the inspectors, a period of several years. One can hide anything if one has long enough. The use of mountain caves and rolling truck laboratories were an option one could not dismiss, as the schedule of overhead satellites was published on the internet and vehicles can easily be camouflaged.

    The presence of U.S. Troops remaining in Iraq was to quell a potential civil war between the Syrian-Iraqi Baath Party (which are primarily Sunni) and Shiite minority who form a majority in Iran. This had the potential of restarting the Iran/Iraq war or an internal Sunni/Shiite civil war without a means or supporting the Shiite minority. The Iranian Shiite majority would push across the border in support of their brother Shiites, and the Syrians would move across to support the Baathist party. The result would be three nations entangled in a religious jihadist war.

    Nevertheless, I rely on my background in Middle Eastern political science, biochemisty, nuclear physicist, and 35 years of exerperience as a Navy Captain before I make comments. So the next time you identify someone who addresses their piece "anonymous" as being “stupid” and failing to identify themselves by name because of their ignorance, pause for a second and think of another reason why a professional scientist and nuclear physicist would not want to identify themselves by name. We are invisible to the world and must remain that way forever. We work for Peace - what is your agenda?

  43. Obama has to give his permission to get the
    ORIGINAL birth certificate.He would'nt do that.
    The Hawaiia newspaper was a copy.Just like he was going to stop the WAR WHEN HE BECAME THE

  44. I wish they would stop posting this tripe about Obama's birth certificate to Daily Wealth. So Irrelevant.

  45. Is this not a reprise of the old political game popularised by Lyndon Johnson of forcing denial of irrelevant but headline grabbing factoids in order to retrench hollow policy initiatives?

    Lets look at the comb over issues

  46. Unless Obama's mom is NOT an American, it does not matter where he was born. It really does not make a difference if Obama was born in Hawaii, Kenya, Indonesia, even Panama. So long as his mother is not in dispute, he can be your president even if born, as McCain was, outside of the USA.
    Do the birthers a favor with some constitutional insight.

    This whole thing is a distraction. Perhaps a review of Agenda 21, of which Codex Alimentarius is a component, is the issue being hidden from you. You can review these horrors of the UN at their site. Google it. Be afraid, very afraid.

  47. Have you seen his mother's birth certificate?

  48. American public education is to blame by teaching that the constitution is meaningless by socialist ideology through their evil indoctrination tactics. America has highly educated rulers, all Harvard, Yale, Columbia etc. Highly educated, all. But they all failed to learn the true meaning of a Republic and the Constitution.
    The Constitution is the glue that binds a free society, the rules and laws that hold us together as one nation, indivisible with freedom for all.
    The Obama regime wants to undermine the INDIVISIBLE part and throw the rest away. The Obama administration is more dangerous to our free society that Bin Laden ever was. Saul Alinski-ites!

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