Thursday, April 21, 2011

Esquire Magazine: Ron Paul Is Starting to Make Sense

The most honest profile of Ron Paul, from mainstream media ever, is out in Esquire magazine (Esquire is owned by the Hearst Corporation).

The mag not only has a Q&A with Congressman Paul but also a full profile. The profile is titled Ron Paul: The Founding Father.


  1. They still slipped in some condescending quips in the article and in that chart. But it was pretty much more complete than any other mainstream profile I have read on him.

  2. The author of the Esquire article is a complete tool.

    This quote is amazing: "If we had stuck to what Congressman Paul views as our founding principles, we would have undoubtedly been a smaller and poorer and less consequential country, but also purer and freer and more peaceful. It's a trade he is willing to make."

  3. "... starting?!?!"


  4. The article is weird. It's almost as if the writer took a liking to Ron Paul and wrote a very sympathetic piece, and then a less sympathetic editor inserted some paragraphs ridiculing Paul's beliefs. The tone is inconsistent. It praises Paul for his singular integrity but qualifies that praise by saying his ideas are crazy and dangerous. Its reading of history is bizarre and the chart is particularly nasty, inaccurate and dishonest.

    Maybe this is the best we can expect from a mainstream left-liberal publication.

  5. @ Robin Clark

    I almost threw up when I read that quote. Unbelievable, simply unbelievable.

    Remember May 5th is Paul's money bomb day.

  6. @Robbie

    Why is that an unfair statement? If the Louisiana Purchase was unconstitutional (with which I would tend to agree), and much of the rest of the country was taken by force, there is every probability that we would be a smaller, and poorer nation (not necessarily per-capita poorer, but in aggregate -- certainly we'd have a lot less land). We would also in all probability be freer and definitely more peaceful -- if for no other reason than we wouldn't have as many aggregate assets to piss away in foreign entanglements.