Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rahm Emanuel Wants to Lengthen School Day in Chicago

Chicago Mayor-Elect Rahm Emanuel wants to lengthen the school day in Chicago.

According to NYT, the Illinois State Senate on Thursday unanimously approved Emanuel's wish and the vote heads to the Illinois House. When passed, the school day will be expanded by an hour and a half.

Apparently, there is a lot more politically correct propaganda that Emanuel wants crammed into kids heads. Or do you think Emmanuel wants to set aside time for the kids to read Ron Paul's Liberty Defined and Murray Rothbard's What Has Government Done to Our Money?


  1. So the govt in Chicago just sentenced the kids to roughly 270 more hours/yr. in the public pokey? The government of Chicago is taking ownership of children one hour and a half at a time.

  2. So what does 1 and half extra hours translate in to in terms of pay for the unionists ?
    At least 2 hours per day of overtime perhaps.

    Any group that really was prepared to "Stand for Children" would be advocating abolishing the public schools.

    btw, here in Mass they are considering not allowing kids to be able drop to drop out of hell(school) until they turn 18. Even more amazing children in New Hampshire already are plagued with this hideous law.