Sunday, April 10, 2011

Here It Comes: Obama to Increase Taxes on the "Wealthy"

White House senior advisor David Plouffe announced on NBC's Meet The Press that President Obama will deliver a major budget address on Wednesday.

In the address, the President plans to propose that the Bush-era tax cuts for the "wealthy" be rescinded.

 “For upper income Americans he does believe that they need to contribute to deficit reduction in this country,” Plouffe said on Fox News Sunday.

Plouffe declared that the president will follow through with his campaign pledge to raise taxes on the wealthy, but not on America's middle class or senior citizens.

Of course, the President's definition of wealthy is anyone who can afford to order off the regular menu at McDonald's as opposed to the Dollar Menu.

The only thing standing between you and higher taxes are the Republicans in Congress, who are celebrating $38 billion in cuts in a multi-trillion dollar budget, which is like celebrating that you have decided to stop drinking  by cutting out the tonic from your gin and tonics. If this is any indication of the anti-tax support you will get from Congress, the tax increases will be shifty, they will be hailed as tax cuts, but will result in a smaller take home pay checks for all of us.


  1. Tax Obama, tax Bernanke, tax Geithner, tax Reid, tax Pelosi, tax Warren 500% of their "income" and "earnings", private or otherwise. Tax GS and other cronies 1000% their own. Then start bitching about the rich who do not leech off the state to the extent the aforementioned do.

  2. "which is like celebrating that you have decided to stop drinking by cutting out the tonic from your gin and tonics."

    Or even better, by celebrating that you drink less now that you've started taking your bourbon/scotch without ice.