Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hit Piece on Rand Paul

There is a hit piece out on the most freedom loving member of the U.S Senate, Rand Paul.

The piece comes from columnist Tom Eblen, who writes for the Lexington Herald Leader, a paper published in Senator Rand's home state of Kentucky.

Normally I take these type columns apart piece by piece, but this column about Paul being a show horse versus a work horse can be summed up very easily. The piece is horse shit, of all varieties.

Dr. Paul must be making an impact, if they are firing nonsense shots at him like this.


  1. As if proposing cutting 4Trillion is insignificant! The columnist is out to lunch and should enroll in Mises Academy.

  2. He's a typical mainstream Democrat. Any cuts in government are portrayed as killing poor people for the rich -- as if Obama isn't a puppet of Wall Street who has already shoveled billions of dollars from the poor and middle class into the pockets of the super-rich. These people are emotional and clueless morons, and can't be reasoned with.