Monday, April 11, 2011

How to Make $30,000 in the Next 30 Days

UPDATE: The newest way to make a fortune:

How To Make Money With 3D Printing: Business Opportunities, Guide and Walkthrough


I'm not kidding when I say I see opportunities to make money all around me.

The reason most people don't see these opportunities is not because they don't have the skill, but because they have been ingrained through grade school, high school and college that there is a certain structure to the world and the answers are in the text books. Actually, life is just the opposite, things are always changing and if you pay attention to what is in front of you, you can put pieces of the change together to make a few dollars for yourself.

Think about it. School teachers are probably one of the most structures least risk taking people on the planet. If you spend hours a day with these people, the last thing you are going to be exposed to is how to take advantage of change. Once you leave grade school, you go on to high school and college where the instructors are ingrained in the belief that business is about taking money, through profit, away from the workers. You aren't going to get any exposure to entrepreneurship there, either.

So the sooner you realize that your entire education has been holding you back from thinking about opportunities, the better.

Anyway, here's a quick way to put 30 grand in your pocket. Below is a bar code. You have seem them on almost all product packaging. Thanks to the advance of smart phones, you can download on your iPhone, or on android run phones, a bar scanner for free that will tell you what information is in the bar code. The bar code below has the web address for EPJ. Eventually, everyone will have these bar scanners on their phones. Thus, it will make sense for every store and restaurant in America, make that the world, to have bar code on their door with the name, address and phone number of the store/restaurant on it, so that some one who likes the store can quickly scan the bar code and have all relevant information about the store.

EVERY store/restaurant will have bar code information on their door or window within the next 6 months, but hardly any do now.

What you can do to make cash money, right now, is to print out a bar code, show them to store/restaurant owners, explain how they work, tell them that for $32.00 you can design bar code with information about their store/restaurant. I would imagine this has to be the easiest sale in the world. Then you go to this site and design the bar code with the information that they give you. Deliver it to them the next day and collect your $30200. I would imagine that if you are fast, you could sell one of these every 15 minutes, in a city where shops are next to each other. If you are slow, maybe you sell one every 30 minutes. The good thing about this is that if you want, you can work pretty close to 10 hours, from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm. Go to shops during the day, and restaurants at night. With 10 hours, this gives you some time to deliver and collect on orders, and you will probably only be selling 8 hours. (I assume you actually create the bar codes after selling hours) With 8 hours of selling (and if you can sell 4 an hour) that's $1024 per day or $30,720 over a month.


  1. Mr. Wenzel,
    Thank You!!
    I'll let you know how this turns out

  2. Fantastic idea. I may do just this and I'm in a perfect market for it. If it makes me money, I'll send you a royalty check. ;)

    Two questions: (1) why $32? (2) are there any apps that can scan these particular barcodes at the moment? As to show a product demonstration on the spot? I have Red Laser but it wasn't a sample one I made for my business up.

  3. I downloaded "Barcode Scanner" for my android. I would imagine that there is a comparable app for iPhone.

    $32 to just sounded like an amount that a business owner wouldn't object to paying out on a quick decision. You can experiment with the price from $20 to $50, if you want.

  4. There's a Bacode Scanner for iPhone too - I have it!

    You got an excellent idea. I might pass it on to some of my buddies here in Europe. I'll have them charge 29,99 EUR for this. I think it sounds a decent number.

    Keep up the good work Robert!


    1. Smartphones are going to get cheaper. Everything always does. It's just a matter of time before the big wigs are making a no child left behind policy of everyone needs a cell phone, right? No worries.

    2. First, stop shouting. It's rude.

      Those poor people whose poverty you worship and mistakenly believe gives them a "right" to stuff, including iphones, can choose to work, 8 different jobs, if necessary, live below their means, and use their savings to buy an iphone and implement this idea.

      You would benefit from disabusing yourself of the childish, socialistic/collectivistic notion of "fairness" and concern yourself more with justice, which means giving a person what he deserves by his having earned it. This results in unequal, i.e. "unfair" (to you) outcomes, unequal desserts, because people are individuals who differ from other people in terms of intelligence, motivation, self-esteem, ambition, etc., but that is perfectly just.

      The defect in your notion of "fairness" is that inevitably necessitates the initiation of physical force, typically in the form of coercive taxation and redistribution, in order to achieve it.

      Climb out of your self-made crib, and grow up !

  6. Spoken by someone who has never worked in the Service Industry very long. First off, no one in management is going to talk to you during the busy hours. Which is 10:30 am to 2pm and 6pm to 9pm. They also are not going to want to talk to you when they are trying to help servers do closeouts of charges and fixing mistake entries into the system. So you have a very limited window of opportunity to talk to someone. That also doesn't take into account walking or driving, parking, talking to the host or bartender, convincing them they should get the manager to talk to you, sitting and waiting if that happens and then trying to explain to them your product. And even if you get that far, they will most likely tell you they will have to talk to the owners or upper/corporate management for approval. If it's a mom and pop shop, they'll most likely say leave your info and they will get back to you. Small restaurants aren't very high tech usually. Some don't even use a POS.
    Retail is about the same except that the minimum wage kids will not care about letting you talk to management and already are ingrained with a script to give door to door salesmen. They will usually give you a card or paper with the corporate contact info for you to pitch to them. And when you call you will get voicemail, which won't be returned.
    And lastly, the bar code apps suck. People use Google or Yelp or something like that. They give more info than a bar code. They tell you how to get to the place and give reviews. Customers need info about a place before they get there, not after.
    And PS, your site has problems with Android browzer. Are you sure you really want to go on a hi-tech sales pitch rant? I had to type this whole thing in a text editor first because your site would't let me do it. Today's technology is a constant upgrade cycle of useless utility with no returns.

  7. The "busy hours" vary from industry to industry, I wasn't writing a manual. I am providing some pretty damn good advice, if you can adjust to your particular situation that's your problem. I clearly stated to try different types of stores at different times.

    I also specifically mention in my post that the close rate per hour is only going to be this high in a "city where the stores are close to each other".

    This has nothing to do with high tech from the retailers point of view. All he needs is the desire to want to provide information, just like on a business card that he slaps on a window or door. When he orders business cards he doesn't have to know how to print.

    In the day, I did my share of cold calling retailers and had no problem reaching through to decision makers. If you have a problem with that maybe you should find a different career.

    Finally, this isn't about stores providing information to customers who have already read about the store on yelp. It's about someone passing by a cool restaurant os store and saying. "Hey. I have to remember where this is"

    But since your head is apparently elsewhere, you wouldn't know what is going on around.

    Quite frankly, you almost sound like an econometrician.

  8. For you iPhone users out there, there is a FREE app that scans barcodes, but also lets you CREATE barcodes like the site Robert listed. It's called "QR Reader for iPhone". Not sure if they make it for Droid or Blackberry users. But this app is cool. You can also share it via email, or social media site like Face book and Twitter.

    You can also geo tag the businesses location. When you create the barcode, you input the address of the business. Once it's in the barcode, you scan it and it can take you directly to a mapped location of where the business is w/out having to search it yourself.

    AT&T makes a decent scanner too that is free.


    Great idea. Like you said you would have to be specific in your routes to maximize efficiency. But I also cannot help but think this is perfect for the Bay Area. Being that the area is already home to so many innovative ideas, this would be a great place to start. So many small businesses, restaurants and cafe's. If people are still spending $4 on a Kara's cupcake, you can find businesses that can afford $32. In the end, the worst that can happen is that they are out $32...hardly a risky endeavor.

    Not that it can't work elsewhere, but that area in particular would be a prime starting point. A higher percentage of people there would recognize the barcode for what it is and utilize it.

    Even if you only sell 10/ $32 a pop thats $320/day extra that you didn't have before. If you are a student or only working part time, this can be accomplished. Or if you just try on the weekends for a few hours. Plus, you cannot have better experience to put on your resume than running your own small business. Employers want to see that you've been busy, especially if you were laid off.

    There are lots of opportunities for the smartphone boom which we are currently still in the early stages of. Less than half of all cell phone users even have a smart phone. Just look at the app store, people are making thousands just by making silly apps like fart noises.

    Also, Starbucks currently uses this smartphone barcode technology for their "Mobil Card app" which sets up a mobil barcode for you to use instead of your gift card. It's more convenient and easy to reload your account when your funds are low. Shows a simple barcode that the barista scans and poof! like magic you just spent $5 on a latte. It's only a matter of time before every major retailer adopts this technology. Even credit card companies would love this.

    If you are savvy enough, offer to make the business a social media page if they are not using one in addition to selling your barcode. Then you can have the barcode link to their face book page or even a special coupon just for using the barcode. How great would it be if a customer could have a barcode of a coupon to their favorite restaurant in case they forget to bring it with them or simply didn't feel like clipping coupons? The last time I went to my local coffee joint I had a coupon for a free drink and left it at home. But I knew they sent it in an email and so I pulled it up on my phone and they accepted it.

    The opportunities are endless.

    1. Selling point..."When you are closed potential customers can scan the bar code in your window and have all the information they need for their next visit."

  9. I just put a bar code in the window of my cafe. Great idea!

  10. There's this new company making a product called the CueCat. I think it would be an awesome companion to store owners. This company looks like it has massive growth potential. I would suggest buying some stock now while it's cheap! IT could skyrocket with bar code mania!

  11. in the czech republic, this is already pretty common.companies get it as a feature if the already pay for presence on a search portal.they dont even necessarely have to know what it is, they just...have it, there...on the interactive map of businesses. check for exemple

  12. I feel sad for the anonymous poster @728pm yesterday. Look at how much negative energy they put into responding to what is nothing more than an act of kindness - and a great idea at that. And what better example of the broken, institutional mindset Robert prefaced this post by. But the mental cancer is stronger in the content of this comment. Instead of ignorance, docility, and indifference in the face of the boundless opportunity and stupefying wonder of our dynamic universe, this comment reveals bitter resentment. The resentment is expressed angrily and with considerable disrespect for the person who dared to think & speak freely about opportunity.

    I suspect there are some strong psychological forces at work to bring about such a state of affairs in a person. A good idea freely offered is not simply something to be ignored, it must be attacked and barked back into it's proper place which is anywhere out of view, as to not force confrontation with one's inner frustrations any longer. A deep emotional response in the psyche of the paralyzed is stimulated when confronted with the threat of opportunity that they know they will never seize, instead painfully watching others zip by merrily in pursuit. Every potential obstacle is not a hurdle, but a wall - a wall that seemingly justifies inaction on part of the paralyzed and condemnation of the person who dared to offer the idea.

  13. Wow Jimmy, that's an incredibly awesome post. I feel tempted to copy and paste it into a word document then read it to people as needed. I hope you don't mind.

  14. Have at it! Hopefully it will make them think.

  15. Well written Jimmy!

  16. How does the buyer get to access this barcode and use it to send out information?

  17. Looking at this 5 years later, you were so damn right. Everybody has these on every damn thing now. You were a genius