Friday, April 1, 2011

Radiation Levels 45 Kilometers from Fukushima

Greenpeace tends not to be very solid when it comes to scientific reasoning, but my guess is that they know how to turn on a radiation detector read the radiation levels.

Here's a clip of a Greenpeace team that is 45 kilometers from the Fukushima plant. These levels are significantly higher than any official radaition reports I have seen.


  1. Study physics and you will understand just how stupid Greenpeace brats really are. Nagasaki and Hiroshima are wastelands today...Right?

    Come on people...THINK!

  2. I trust Greenpeace to tell me the truth about Fukushima about as much as I trust the Federal Reserve to tell me the truth about inflation.

    Both are about as radioactive to my health.

  3. Here is a site where people are submitting their own readings:

    The governments official readings are here:

    This is a neat site where an private researcher is posting his readings out of Tokyo. The archives are good as well. Sorry but this is Japanese (but you can follow the graphs):