Friday, April 1, 2011

Two Planes in Emergency Landings Today, with Pressurization Problems

A Chicago-bound American Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing Friday when two flight attendants and four passengers fell ill, officials said.

Authorities indicated that two flight attendants reported dizziness shortly after Flight 547 left Reagan National Airport in Washington. Oxygen masks dropped in the cabin of the Boeing 737 just before several passengers fainted.

The reason for the discomfort of those onboard has not yet been determined, although officials reported a possible depressurization issue in the cabin.

Later in the day, a Southwest Airlines plane with a gaping hole in fuselage made an emergency landing at a military base in Arizona on Friday after a sudden drop in cabin pressure, airline officials said.

Southwest Flight 812 from Phoenix to Sacramento, with 118 passengers on board, landed safely at the Yuma Marine Corps Air Station with a hole in the top of the aircraft, a Southwest spokeswoman said in a statement.


  1. There's a third one that makes the other two look that much more weird:

  2. There must be thousands of 737s in service. If they all develop a problem it could be an expensive hit to the Airline industry. But possibly a boom for the Airliner industry.

  3. Must have been a very tense and scary way to a safe landing. A hole that large can grow bigger and more deadly in minutes. I am so glad that the plane landed safely.