Sunday, April 10, 2011

Should We Believe WSJ's Alan Murray (about anything)?

WSJ's Deputy Managing Editor and Executive Editor Online Alan Murray, and attendee at the George Soros Bretton Woods Conference, thumbs:
Nothing "evil" about Soros conference.
But then again, he also thought he was in New Jersey. He thumbed on his way to the New Hampshire conference:
On my way to Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods New Jersey, where post-war financial order was crafted. Looking for a new Keynes.


  1. On a hunch, I searched for "Bretton Woods, New Jersey". Perhaps the good editor was thinking of...

    The Mansion at Bretton Woods
    Morris Plains, New Jersey

  2. Well, if that's where he ended up for the weekend and thought he was at the Soros convention, it's no wonder that he didn't find any Soros evil doing.

    I am also curious where he slept since the mansion in Jersey is only meeting center--no hotel rooms.

  3. "New Hampshire" would have made the message more than 140 characters, so he picked another random state with "New" in its name.