Thursday, April 28, 2011

Trump and the Mob

HuffPo's Marcus Barum is out with a hit piece on Donald Trump. He reports on partners that Trump has had in the past in Atlantic City, who have alleged mob ties.

But what I find most interesting are these lines about one of the alleged mobsters:
Trump later confided to a biographer that the twosome were “tough guys,” relaying a rumor that Sullivan, a 6-foot, 5-inch bear of a man, killed Jimmy Hoffa, the Teamsters boss who disappeared in July 1975...Sullivan's unsavory reputation did not stop Trump from later arranging for him to be hired as a labor negotiator for the Grand Hyatt, a hotel project on Manhattan’s East Side, according to People magazine and the Los Angeles Times.
I have mentioned before Trump's ability to get along with NYC construction unions:
I have always been fascinated how Trump as a developer has had no problems with the notoriously difficult to deal with NYC construction unions.
Given the digging that will go on into Trump's business deals, I find it hard to believe that Trump will become an official candidate.

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