Friday, May 27, 2011

Another Reason to Hate the Washington Redskins

Current Redskins linebacker Lorenzo Alexander and former defensive end Dexter Manley went to Reagan National Airport this week in a show of solidarity with TSA workers, reports HuffPo via The Hill.  There is a TSA union runoff election going on.

"With the lockout going on, it's good to come out and support a fellow union, even though we're not recognized anymore," said Alexander.

Alexander told the HuffPo that TSA workers "have a hard job as it is."

"They get a lot of flack for just doing their job because people feel they're being violated," he said. "I can understand why they feel unappreciated."

Clearly, Alexander has been playing without his helmet.

The National Treasury Employees Union and American Federation of Government Employees  competed in an April election to represent TSA employees after TSA Administrator John Pistole agreed to allow employees to decide if they wanted a union. Neither union won 50 percent plus one of the votes cast, so a runoff began this week.

Be prepared, next we will have crotch groping specialists, who will be different from breast grabbers.


  1. I'm sure Nazi storm troopers felt unappreciated too.

  2. Public service unions are pure evil and the ultimate of coruption and yet the sheeple salute them as they drive the price of government to unsustainable levels. At least private sector unions are limited to the survival of the host, public sector unions essentially have no limits until the public no longer wishes to be exploited. Why the regressives support making government unaffordable is just one of the many contradictions in their beliefs. Its laughable also for a private sector union guy to think he has anything in common with a public employee. The economics are not even close.

  3. @Anonymous

    Exactly. No equivalency at all.

    In a previous discussion on this blog, when Walter Block suggested supporting the government unions against the Kochs, I made the same point.

    Government unions are the heights of redundancy.

    It is like a protection racket run to protect the mafia.

  4. @Lila,

    In Walter's defence, he didn't actually want to SUPPORT the unions, but to cheer them in a mutually destructive war with the oligarchs.

    Kinda like betting on the nastiest pit bull in a dog fight, but you wouldn't want to bring it home for the kids.