Sunday, May 29, 2011

Braney Frank is Suddenly Concerned about the Constitution

In an age where the President ignores the Constitution by sending troops to fight in far off places, where the Privacy Act ignores the rights that prevent illegal searches, and the Federal Reserve pumps money at will, even Barney Frank has drawn a line beyond which he believes Congress should  not go when it comes to ignoring the Constitution.

It's not illegal wars that Frank is upset about, it is not privacy abuses that Frank is upset about, when it comes to others walking all over the Constitution, Frank has another concern.

Republicans are attempting to block recess appointments as a way to prevent the President from making Elizabeth Warren the Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. And, Frank has suddenly brought out the Constitution in an attempt to block this move by the Republicans.

Frank says it is an "outrageous abuse of the Constitution.”  "It’s an incredible spectacle," Frank told Firedoglake.

Frank even decries the media focus, “The media has been focused on the international situation and debt,” Frank said. “If the public fully understood what these guys [the Republicans] are doing they wouldn’t stand for it.”

Funny Barney, but that's what many are saying about the unconstitutional wars and invasions of privacy. But, oh yeah, too much focus on that, let's get to the real important stuff like getting Elizabeth Warren to head the CFPB, who during the height of the financial crisis started studying how the financial sector could be nationalized, a move that is certainly beyond any right granted to the Federal government in the Constitution. With the incredible contradictoty arguments Frank makes, it's clear he has no respect for the public. How this guy gets elected year-over-year is amazing.

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  1. This guy's the scum of the earth. I hope he chokes on a sausage and dies.