Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ron Paul Challenges His Followers: Break Romney's $10 Million Money Raise

Ron Paul has sent out a letter to his supporters:

Are you up to the challenge?

Ten Million Dollars.

That’s how much establishment candidate Mitt Romney raised in one day a couple of weeks ago from well-heeled party bigwigs for his 2012 White House bid.

So today, I’m writing to personally ask if you are up for a challenge.

My campaign’s grassroots supporters are holding another Money Bomb next Sunday, June 5th, and I believe it offers us an excellent chance to make some headlines of our own.

You see, the Romney campaign thinks no one else can touch their accomplishment.

But honestly, I don’t need 10 million dollars to match Mitt Romney.

After all, I don’t have to defend a liberal record as governor of Massachusetts.

I don’t have to defend against passing a bill just as bad as ObamaCare. Mitt Romney does. So it’s ok if he has a bit more money than we do.

He’s going to need it!

But it is absolutely critical I have the financial backing to build a first-class operation in early caucus and primary states and show the pundits and press that I am a serious candidate.

I know these so-called “gate keepers” are part of the Washington problem, but the fact is their either dismissing of candidates or praising them makes a difference to many undecided voters.

An overwhelming showing on June 5th would force the establishment pundits to realize you and I are in this to win it!

So please, visit on June 5th and contribute whatever you are able. I know times are tough, but each and every dollar will go toward implementing our plans to run a first-class, winning campaign to restore America now.
I have no idea if Congressman Paul can raise that kind of money in a one day money bomb, but he is correct, people would take notice.



  1. Constitutionally, legislatively, and morally, Ron Paul has no equal. His 22 year voting record speaks for itself.
    Mr. Paul has not survived in politics for 22 years and maintain the ethics and morality he has by being anything other than stellar.
    If You refute the above comment, then I please invite You to listen to him speak about key issues. It is amazing how well he comes across because he doesn’t have to remember lies like other politicians. He understands what is happening in the world and knows how to apply the basic principles of liberty to achieve the real change that America so desperately deserves.
    American to American we are all on the same team. So I present Mr. Ron Paul as my Candidate for 2011 and invite anybody to meaningfully and respectfully debate why he is not the best for American and its people in 2012.
    Ron Paul = A real change, not for special interest, but for America’s Interests!
    Thank You for Your time
    Ron Paul 2012

  2. Dr. Paul, I like to blather about our sick country, and I feel you are our best hope for the future. The light on the shore during a stormy night. We can pee a lot of money away on frivolous things, your run is too important for us to not support. I will be there for you June 5th./2011.


  3. It is so exciting to see Dr Paul among the front runners and I will do everything I can to see him elected prez. It would be a fundamentally revolutionary point in history for such a man to lead us out of regulatory slavery!

    I'll be there June 5th.

  4. Part of me wishes he would have waited until July 4th to have this kind of goal...June 5th is so close after the last money bomb...people need more time to save up and budget. Or at least pick one or the other...why have 3 money bombs within 3 months of one another? With the slow nature of this election process so far I don't see a need to empty peoples wallets so soon. What happens if he actually makes it far into the race? People will be wiped out.

    July 4th would be much more effective from a marketing and significance standpoint.

  5. nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney baldwinMay 29, 2011 at 7:56 PM

    Neocons crawling out of the woodwork,
    terrified of dr ron's courageous courage