Sunday, May 22, 2011

Buffett Dodges Soros, While the Babes Circle Both Oligarchs

The Omaha World Daily recaps the play-by-play of an NYDN report:
New York Daily News gossip columnists Frank DiGiacomo and Carson Griffith described the scene at New York's Four Seasons restaurant as Warren Buffett attended a recent premiere party for “Too Big to Fail,” the HBO movie adaptation of Andrew Ross Sorkin's book on the 2008 Wall Street crash.
An “elegantly dressed” Buffett avoided fellow multibillionaire octogenarian George Soros during the evening, dining in the restaurant's Pool Room near the dessert buffet and presiding over “a table of female financial journalists.” Those included writer Devon Spurgeon, Fortune editor Carol Loomis, Becky Quick of CNBC and BusinessWire CEO Cathy Baron Tamraz.

Their table was safely separated from the crowd, located on a terrace surrounded by a brass rail. Soros was at a center table in the Grill Room.

“When Buffett arrived at the party via the Grill Room, with financial writer Devon Spurgeon, a photographer approached to suggest the Berkshire Hathaway billionaire take a shot with Soros, who was also with a much younger blonde,” the report said.
“ ‘Buffett looked a little uncomfortable with the request,' the source says. ‘He said he was on his way into the other room and then hurried away,' with blonde in tow.”

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