Sunday, May 22, 2011

Economist Who Advises on Nevada Government Spending Has Filed for Bankruptcy

The economist who helps forecasts how much revenue the Nevada state government can expect to take in has declared personal bankruptcy, telling the Las Vegas Sun he didn't foresee his own financial meltdown.
John M. Restrepo, chairman of the five-member State Economic Forum, filed for bankruptcy protection in November, citing $905,000 in debt and $360,000 in assets

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  1. Thanks for sharing this news piece. While personal bankruptcy is a very unfortunate situation, and this individual may be a good person, but as a general rule it's hard to feel sympathetic with some of these so-called economic consultants: Arrogance, incompetence in their supposed area of expertise (completely missing the signs of the economic downturn), and fleecing the taxpayers who pay the hefty fees they charge to local governments.