Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Explosives Detonate in 3 Ikea Stores Across Europe


UPDATE: Small explosives concealed in alarm clocks detonated at Ikea furniture stores in Belgium, France and the Netherlands, Belgian authorities said, according to AFP.

"The information we have is that the explosions happened the same way in all locations, with booby-trapped alarm clocks that had been hidden exploding," An Schoonjans, spokeswoman for Ghent prosecutors, told AFP.

No injuries have been reported other than that of security agent complained of ear aches after two small explosions, which detonated almost simultaneously in the Belgian city of Ghent.


  1. This is probably a black-ops attempt by the CIA to get Sweden to invade Iran.

  2. That's one fcuked up world we're living in. Soon we can't even buy furniture, electronics or anything else because it might be a disguised bomb that might eventually kill us? So they'll have some type of security controls we must pass in order to exit stores, gym and whatever. Man.. futures sucks! I'll go ahead and short it!

  3. It is funny that if one reads the comments section of any news site running this story. It seems that people who are commenting on this story are looking at this as some sort of terrorist attack without having read the story. First, it does state that there were no injuries, but more importantly, it also states that there was no damage. This leads me to believe that what was inside of these alarm clocks was essentially the equivalent of a firecracker, not a bomb. Sounds more like a prank on Ikea rather than any sort of terrorist activity to me.

  4. They hate us for our cheap furniture.