Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Obama to Nominate John Bryson for Secretary of Commerce

President Barack Obama will nominate John Bryson as his pick for Commerce secretary,  AP is reporting. Bryson is the former chairman and chief executive of Edison International.

This will get a thumbs up from Globalists, greens and the military-industrial complex a/k/a save trees kill people group.

Bryson is a director of The Boeing Company ans also KKR.  He also serves on the Secretary-General’s United Nations Advisory Group on Energy and Climate Change, and the Electric Drive Transportation Association. He is on the Advisory Board of Deutsche Bank Americas.  He was a co-founder and attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council, a national and international environmental organization.


  1. Could this position be a bribe to prevent Boeing from building a plant in South Carolina (a Right-to-Work state)?

  2. His board bios mention Council on Foreign Relations and his Senior Advisor slot with KKR. He's on the board of Boeing and Disney, public companies. My guess is he's on many KKR affiliate boards, but those don't have to be listed.

    Another private equity underwriter goes to the White House. Obama loves PEU's.

  3. The fact the administration is changing the head makes no difference unless the divisions under the umbrella of the Commerce Department go to work and enforce all the rules it has against the foreign trade groups inundating the United States with products that are inferior and in some cases toxic. They also need to push the businesses in America to start hiring more staff so our economy goes beyond stagnant to a five percent rise in productivity per year for at least three years.

  4. Thanks for the head's up on Bryson. I found a bit more, should you be interested:


    All the best.

  5. >Commerce Department go to work
    You mean the people who spent all Friday wondering if they were going to go home an hour early with pay?
    Or maybe the people down the hall who BSed about religion and sports all afternoon.

  6. I like how the previous Secretary of Commerce goes on to be Ambassador to China. Usually its a diplomatic pinnacle to a role of diplomacy...but with the US and China bound up with trade and growth, to have a specialist in Commerce as Ambassador is a very clever Idea I think :D

  7. Chicago politician¬s understand the business communitie¬s very well and organise them very well. Wall Street Finance, Energy (most), Insurance, Mega-hospi¬tals. Republican¬s are just mad because if they have to explain what Obama and the industries are doing, they will thereby admit their own religious experience for "business" is weak and near fraudulent¬.