Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Government's Problem with Dancers


If you are wondering what this is all about, a small group of anti-war protesters, over Memorial Day weekend, held a silent dance protest at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C.


  1. I watched this over the weekend. Brave souls. The SS tolerates no dissent, however, so examples must be made.

  2. Has this sort of over-the-top police action and general disregard for the fundamental precepts of freedom and liberty been going on forever, or has it gotten worse in recent years? I certainly have heard more and more about this in the past few years than in all others of my life combined. Youtube has only existed for so long though and I do not know if police/.gov agents are becoming more extreme, or are just getting caught more?

    I certainly have noticed a healthy lack of respect for police amongst the various groups that I circulate in, and I do not remember this attitude when I was younger, hence the question. If this abuse of power is a fairly recent development (or the frequency with which it occurs) I think that the law enforcement officers are doing themselves a massive disservice.

    As soon as the average Joe has no interest in cooperating with law enforcement officers they will have to use massive and excessive force to accomplish anything they set out to do, which will incense more and more people so on and so forth as we all spiral down. The problem with the police (in my experience) is that they think they are invincible, and I have gotten the impression from them that they think that they can get away with anything they want, and that they can win any sort of contest between themselves and the average citizen. Sadly, if this kind of action keeps up, I am afraid the police will realize (much too late) that they (and their loved ones) don't stand a chance against an angry and generally pissed off populace.

    I really hope this country doesn't fall that far...

  3. Scary thing:
    While I watched this a little voice peeped up inside my head and said :"They're trouble makers. If they just walked through reverently, or immediately complied with "orders" from those Park Police (LOVE those shorts!) there would be none of this unpleasantness".

    Then I realized that voice was ME and is the result of 16 years of gummint schools indoctrination PLUS 4 years in the military. The enemy within. Like I said, scary.

  4. Orders? from who these ass Hole cops? I wish the surrounding folks would have jumped in and pummeled these cops..FUCK THEM!

  5. This video is heartbreaking to watch. Though I'm unfamiliar with the background, it seems to show that we've descended to a new low level, when people can be violently arrested for doing something as seemingly benign as dancing -- and not even dancing wildly, but hardly even moving.

    And, in response to the person who commented on the loss of respect for law enforcement: You should live in Massachusetts; here we have a policeman standing around at every worksite in the street. Purportedly they're there in place of a "flagman", but in reality they spend their time looking down the hole or talking on their cellphone, completely disregarding any traffic problems that they're supposed to be there to handle. How could anyone have any respect for someone who gets paid to do nothing -- and advertises it so blatantly?

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