Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Palin and Trump to Meet for Dinner.

Sarah Palin and Donald Trump will meet tonight for dinner, reports WSJ's Washington Wire.

Michael Cohen,Trump’s special counsel, said his boss received the dinner invitation over the last 24 hours, according to the Wire. “The governor’s office reached out to Mr. Trump,” he said. “They are friends, and they have spoken for a long time about getting together when the governor was in New York, and she happens to be in New York.”

The Palin family will meet with Trump and his wife, Melania, in the Trump apartment in Manhattan, and then head out to an undisclosed restaurant nearby.

With these two at dinner, it is safe to keep in mind what they say in Chicago, "If you are not at the dinner table, you are on the menu."


  1. Melania???

    Doesn't she have a sister, Melanoma?


  2. Two of the biggest egomaniacs in the US, It is amazing that New York didn't blow up for this two in one room together. Maybe if they don't run for President they can make a new WWE Tag Team called No we Can or Show me the Money? Not to creative but true.