Friday, May 6, 2011

Greece: Leaving the Euro Out of the Question

 A spokesman for the Greece embassy in the U.S. called leaving the euro "absurd" and "out of the question," adding there's no mechanism for doing so even if the country wanted.

File under: Nothing is confirmed until officially denied.

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  1. They aren't going to go. Why would the Government or the citizenry of Greece go back on their own megre resources.

    That was the whole point of surrendering some sovereignty to Brussels in exchange for a pile of cheap euros from French, German and English bankers which local Oligarchs could dole out as they saw fit.
    If they stay in, the banks and the other Governments have to do the squirming and conniving to the German and British taxpayer.
    If they just leave, they'll cop the blame for everyone's mess and sink back into the Turkish orbit again.