Friday, May 6, 2011

A Kochmercial?

Shane Kruse emails in reference to the Frank Lutz fawning over Herman Cain, after last night's debate:
I was watching through, and the comments in the chat area were predominantly asking whether this was a joke or not.  I came up with the phrase "Kochmercial" since I had recently read your take on Cain.
The Frank Lutz focus group really has to be seen to be believed. Lutz has turned South Carolina into KochCain Country! Ninety-nine percent of South Carolinans are mad for Koch, Cain. Meanwhile in a sane poll, CNN says Ron Paul has the best chance to beat Obama.


  1. Dynamic, engaging speakers- particularly blunt ones, take hold of the public focus. The current occupant of the WH is a testament to this. Look at the encouragement Chris Christie initially received to entertain the idea of running. People (mistakenly I might add) often conflate a brash outspokenness with honesty. What else describes Trump's appeal? Ron Paul is not dynamic, not particularly interesting from a cursory glance and as such he will not capture the eye of the larger public arena should he make it past the primary.

  2. Clearly they have learned their lesson from the 2008 presidential race with regards to polling the audience.

    At the first several debates in 2007, they offered cell phone text message polls so the entire viewing audience (with cell phones) could vote for who they thought won the debate. After Ron Paul won many of these early polls by double digits, the commentators claimed Paul supporters were somehow hacking the polls and voting more than once. The Paul supporters responded that such a thing was not possible on the scale the commentators were suggesting and demonstrated that each cell phone was only able to vote once.

    Now instead of looking foolish by contradicting the audience, they are selecting a small, easily controlled group of respondents who will tell the rest of the audience what they were supposed to be thinking.

  3. just had to say i enjoyed the kochcain pun

  4. They sound easily impressed, responding emotively, as this guy is saying nothing much new and certainly nothing Ron Paul has said. So where were these hacks when Ron Paul was speaking? Asleep? Blissfully unaware? Pretending he doesn't exist because he does not support their fascist war agenda? Who knows.

  5. I remember seeing a youtube video of 2 separate Luntz focus groups from the 2008 campaign. In both of these focus groups (btw, each were held in DIFFERENT STATES, 4 months apart), the same man was seen talking and being polled. If you listened to him talk, he sounded like a robot, as everyone around him shook their head in agreement.


    Here is that youtube: