Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Neocon Ben Stein Steps to the Plate to Defend Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Stein's defense of Kahn seems to be that the maid might be a loony. It seems Stein has had all kinds of troubles with hotel maids. He writes:
People accuse other people of crimes all of the time. What do we know about the complainant besides that she is a hotel maid? I love and admire hotel maids. They have incredibly hard jobs and they do them uncomplainingly. I am sure she is a fine woman. On the other hand, I have had hotel maids that were complete lunatics, stealing airline tickets from me, stealing money from me, throwing away important papers, stealing medications from me. How do we know that this woman's word was good enough to put Mr. Strauss-Kahn straight into a horrific jail? Putting a man in Riker's is serious business. Maybe more than a few minutes of investigation is merited before it's done.
Where the hell is Stein staying? I think there is more of a chance to come acroos one of Tyler Cowen's unlikely hotels where the hotel web sites don't include numbers to the hotels.


  1. Murdering a person is serious business. How do we know Obama's word was good enough to put a bullet in Mr. bin Laden's forehead?

  2. Once again Mr. stein LEAPS into the breach with another comment than would cause anyone with an IQ over 3 to break into hysterical laughter.

    As long time road warriors (200+ nights per year) my wife and I have never had a hotel maid steal or discard anything in over 40 years of domestic and international travel. In fact, even things we wanted to discard would, without a written note, remain in our room. I regularly leave cash, change, medications, and airline tickets in my room, I have never lost a thing.

    Perhaps the hotels that Mr. Stein and DSK frequent at $3000 per night need to to hire some of the good, honest employees that work in the hotels where the rest of us stay.

    Finally, I wish to say in the most sincere, direct, and respectful way that Mr. Stein needs to sit down and shut up. No one cares what an old, out of sync, blow hard has to say. If that is beyond his ability to comprehend, let me state it thusly: PUT A SOCK IN IT!

  3. If it was so serious, I would have thought he'd have brought it up before for whomever may have been questionably accused, and not just for an elite.