Monday, May 16, 2011

On a 19th Century Rothschild Puppet Master

Here's some evidence that the Rothschild's have been manipulating the world and spreading propaganda for a very long time.

Alois Anton Dobrauz Ritter di Saldapenna (1811-1871) was a leading 19th century statistician, high-ranking government official, journalist, newspaper editor and author of legal textbooks. But first and foremost, Iris Mack writes in an email to me, he was a secret diplomat who served the Austrian Emperor, NapolĂ©on III, the Pope, as well as his mentor Baron James Rothschild out of whose Paris office he operated.

di Saldapenna essentially acted as Paris correspondent of approximately thirty of the world’s leading newspapers at the time. This enabled him to use his octopus-like tentacles to strategically place information and influence opinions and perceptions literally everywhere, Mack writes. As di Saldapenna also learned that the bulk of all the other newspapers would simply copy and paste whatever news he planted, he could effectively orchestrate the world’s media.

 Agent Obscur by Dr. Guenther Dobrauz is a soon-to-be released book about di Saldapenna. Dobrauz is the great, great, great, great grandson of di Sadapema.

Read Iris Mack's complete fascinating review of the book here.


  1. Just further confirmation that Anthony Wile and his gnomes at The Daily Bell aren't far off the mark when they talk of the Power Elite and the City of London as "shapers of worlds" with their MSM aided propaganda campaigns. I sincerely hope that their predictions of an "Internet Reformation" similar to the Luther/Gutenberg printing press led revolution are correct.

  2. Damn, Bob, I wish this post was getting more attention and commentary. In my mind it's one of the more important posts of the last few weeks, illustrating the depths of the background power systems that have shaped modernity.