Saturday, May 21, 2011

One of My DSK Questions is Answered

In my post, The Case for IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn Being Set-Up, I asked a series of questions. One of them has apparently been answered. I wrote:
It also should be noted that the accuser is Muslim and wears a head scarf. France just banned the wearing of face veils in their country. She is also originally from the very poor country of Guinea, which at one time was a French colony. This probably all means nothing but should be noted. I would be curious to know if this maid was working her regular schedule, whether this was the regular floor she worked on and anything normal or abnormal about her work on that day.

Daily Beast is now reporting:
The sources said the maid, described as a West African immigrant in her 30s, had normally been assigned to clean a different floor in the hotel but recently volunteered to take the floor where Strauss-Kahn's luxury suite was after a colleague had gone on leave.

It is not clear what DB means by "recently".

The DB story also attempts to explain why Sofitel security did not call NYPD for nearly and hour and describes the maid DSK allegedly attacked as terribly traumatized:
The first supervisor reported the maid had nausea and was trembling. As soon as the supervisor ascertained an attack had occurred, she called one of her bosses in housecleaning, who responded to an in-house call and came to the floor, the sources said.

When the more senior housekeeping supervisor got enough details from the maid to make clear a crime had been committed, she called a hotel security officer to the room, the sources said.

The security officer interrogated the maid, getting extensive details of what had happened in the suite. Throughout the questioning, the maid appeared traumatized, at one point going to a bathroom to try to vomit and several times spitting on the floor and walls of the suite, according to the sources.

The hotel security officer decided to alert the chief of the hotel's security, a former law-enforcement officer himself, who tried to conduct another interview that was halting at times because the woman had become increasingly traumatized and sick, the sources said.

The maid repeated her concerns about being fired and inquired whether she should even press charges, the sources said.

The security chief immediately called the New York Police Department and an ambulance once he had ascertained there was enough evidence of a crime and that the maid's story had been consistent during all four contacts she had with hotel employees, the sources said.
The four interviews and repeated efforts to calm the woman took about an hour and police were summoned around 1:30 p.m., according to the sources.


  1. "Yet sources told the AFP news agency that another hotel employee was in the room clearing breakfast when she arrived, and "the door was half-open," a source close to the hotel group said. She then "returned to the room with her cart and the other employee left"."


    It was a setup.

  2. As far as I can tell it is a she said he said issue.

    She said he entered the room naked (nice touch sure to get lots of press and interest - the fat slob). Maybe, but there is only her claim and only her and him as witness. Perhaps he was dressing for the lunch engagement scheduled for about a half hour later which he did attend. Things look slightly different if that claim is set aside.

    Perhaps he was putting on a tie and she entered the room and met his eye in the mirror and smiled fearlessly. Women are allowed nowdays to be forward. If she desired a sexual encounter what would be wrong with that? People are saying he would have to prove her a slut as an affirmative defense. It seems to me in modern America, every woman has the option to come on to any male she encounters. She meets his eye in the mirror, unbuttons something, he responds to the implied invatation. Little does he imagine the later night ar Rikers Island.

    Afterwards, would he go to a prearranged lunch, telephone the hotel asking about his cel phone and give his location to get the cel phone back? He could say "mail it to the IMF."

    Even if supposed consentual sex seemed to go bad (the woman afterwards started changing facts) he would get out of dodge and not tell people what airport he was waiting at.

    Sounds like the actions of a not guilty person - lunch instead of on the run, contacting the hotel, giving his location when not required by law or curcumstances.

    Of course, just as the charge destroyed a major accounting firm, this person is finished. In America, a DA can destroy anyone. Pictures of Obama rushed around in handcuffs would wreck him. We should never allow law enforcement to present those images, the man in handcuffs or shakels, before anything other than accusation.

  3. My May 18 comment:

    Sounds more and more like a set-up.
    Here's a likely scenario.

    DSK's sexual proclivities are well-known...but how to get all the stories out in public?

    The only way would be to drag him into a court room where his sexuality was the issue.
    Otherwise, a good lawyer could keep it under wraps.

    Use his known weakness as a bait. Send up a woman to clean his room when he's alone, while letting him think she's come there to pleasure him.

    He makes a move, the maid reacts...

    Maybe she's part of the set up, maybe she's not. But now she's all lawyered up, DSK has a century's worth of bad publicity, and every woman whom he put the move on is coming out of the woodwork.

    May 18, 2011 8:44 AM

    The only thing I'd add to that is that I think the maid is innocent and might have believed she was being attacked...whereas DSK might have thought he was being frisky.

  4. The Frum forum notes that we seem to have started internet buzz.
    Hey, they read this blog, Bob!

    Jonathan Foreman at Frum forum May 21:

    "The simplest and perhaps most convincing explanation of DSK’s behavior may have little to do with specifically French attitudes to class and sex, though it would hark back to the French farces mentioned earlier. It makes such sense that rumors along the same lines are already flying on both sides of the Atlantic. The theory goes that DSK ordered a call girl — as one might in Paris — and specifically asked for her to be dressed as a maid. And when the door bell rang, one maid was mistaken for another…"

    No attribution of course....

  5. Here you go: more details.
    Told you he did do something.

  6. And we always knew that Felix Salmon reads this blog...and lo:

  7. And we are a bit ahead even of Alexander Cockburn on this. This is a pretty correct assessment of the situation (the gratuitous 9/11 bashing aside...)