Saturday, May 7, 2011

South Carolina Straw Poll Results

Taken at last night's  South Carolina Republican Party dinner, which means these are hardcore mainstream Republicans:

Four hundred eight votes were cast:

Santorum 150

Romney 61

Cain 44

Trump 29

Bachmann 22

Christie 22

Gingrich 16

Huckabee 16

Daniels 15

Paul 8

Pawlenty 7

Palin 6

Huntsman 4

Bolton 0

Roemer 0

Johnson 0


DeMint 3

Alan West 3

Paul Ryan 1


  1. How many lessons must be learned before people cast off all those who compromise the principles of a true Constitutional Republic in favor of the only truly principled man with the knowledge to carry out the job necessary to revive the Republic? Ron Paul 2012.

  2. Santorum looked like several veins were about to burst. He just looks so angry. Of course, not angry enough to enlist and fight for his cause. That's our job.

  3. I must have watched a different debate then theses "hardcore Republicans" because I had Ron Paul winning by a landslide!