Thursday, May 19, 2011

Understanding Neocons and Their Lust for Power

Lew Rockwell has a new interview up with Chris Manion.

Manion knows the entire neocon story and spills it all. Why Dick Cheney surrounded himself with neocons. How the son of John Kenneth Galbraith managed to get a $30 million Iraqi oil deal. Who the past and present neocon players are. And what drives the neocon lust for power. This and much more in this fascinating interview. Perhaps the most informative and revealing interview Lew has ever conducted.

Listen to it here.


  1. After listening to that interview, can anyone explain what the difference is between a Zionist and a Neo-Con?

    From the interview and what I have read elsewhere, Socialism, or unfettered central control, is integral to the Neo-Con ideology. But isn't that just a unmentioned, nonetheless critical, component of Zionism as well?

  2. Anonymous — A History of The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict by Mark Tessler traces the origin of different Zionist groups. Many Israeli emigres brought socialist ideologies with them. Socialism was very popular throughout the world during the early 20th century, especially in eastern Europe and Russia; places from which many Jews emigrated.