Friday, May 27, 2011

Why the First Lady Didn't Go to Poland with the President

According to Gawker, First Lady Michelle Obama has returned home early from the President's European trip because of a problem she has with the president of Poland

According to the Polish paper Nasz Dziennik, the First Lady did not travel to Poland  because of  a translation of what President Bronislaw Komorowski said during his last visit to the US and which the First Lady took as an insult. The translation went this way: "You see, Mr President, the US and Poland have a relationship that is like a marriage. You should trust your wife, but you should also check whether she is faithful."  The translation is a distorted version of an old Polish saying. The Polish president meant no insult. But the First Lady stayed stubborn about the perceived insult.

In any event, the President seems to be doing just fine in Poland without the First Lady.



  1. With her hand positioning, I think she's saying "It's twue!!!! It's twue!!!!"

  2. With her hand positioning I think she's indicating something else entirely! Maybe something to do with size? HA

  3. I love a BLAZING SADDLES reference anytime.