Monday, June 6, 2011

Apple at the Worldwide Developers Conference

Steve Jobs took the stage to a standing ovation, then let Apple's marketing head Phil Schiller take over.

Lion, the new Mac operating system, has hundreds of new features, including full-screen apps and multi-touch gestures. This means no more scroll bars on the side of windows!

A swiping gesture can flip from one Web page to the next. A double-tap zooms into a specific section. A new Mission Control service compiles all running apps and windows on the desktop into one view with a finger pinch.

With AirDrop, you can drag files to others in your network through WiFi.

The iOS 5 is a “major release” says Apple's Scott Forstall, senior vice president of iOS software.

Users can get to the centralized notification center with a single downward swipe to see missed calls, Facebook updates, stocks, weather. There’s also Newstand, which has subscriptions to magazines and newspapers and downloads new issues in the background.

Safari users can tap a button to read articles on a webstie in full-screen as a single scrolling story, even for poorly-formatted stories. A reading list added to all iOS devices bookmarks stories for later.

On the iPhone, there’s now tabbed browsing on Safari that can be tapped to quickly switch windows.

A new Reminders feature can store multiple lists (like groceries) and dates with location – someone who wants to remember to call his wife when he leaves WWDC can set up a geo-fence that will remind him when he goes outside.

The camera function is faster and users can get to it via a shortcut past the lockscreen, even skipping the passcode, by tapping the camera icon on the unlock slider and then using the volume up button to snap a shot.
the iPhone and iPad now have photo editing capabilities – to crop, rotate, remove red-eye and adjust color tones

The numbers:

More than 200 million iOS devices have sold to date, making it the top mobile operating system, with 44% of the market.

More than 25 million iPads have sold, along with 15 billion songs through the iTunes music store, making it the top music retailer in the world. More than 140 million books have been downloaded through the iBooks store.

More than 90,000 apps exist for the iPad on the App Store. More than 14 billion apps have been downloaded in total, with Apple paying out more than $2.5 billion to developers. There are more than 225 million customer accounts.


  1. Bob, I guess there's not that much to be so excited about, really. Apple just mixing a bunch of stuff which exists elsewhere (iPhone, Linux, Windows) in their desktop OS. A lot of it doesn't make any sense, really. A good observation is here,2817,2386477,00.asp

  2. Yeah, who cares about Apple?

    In bigger news, Nintendo's going to be announcing a new console within the next few days at E3. They just recently released a handheld with a stereoscopic 3D screen that requires no glasses, and they're still on a roll from the DS and Wii. It should be much more exciting.