Sunday, June 12, 2011

Central Bank Inflation Targets Table

Central Bank News has launched an inflation targets table. The initial launch of the table features the inflation targets of 25 countries.

Armenia 5.5%
Australia 1-3%
Brazil 4.5%
Chile 3% +/-1%
China 4.0%
Colombia 2-4%
Czech 2.0%
EU 0-2%
Georgia 6.0%
Hungary 3.0%
Indonesia 5% +/-1%
Israel 1-3%
Japan 1.0%
Korea 2-4%
New Zealand 1-3%
Nigeria 10.0%
Peru 1-3%
Poland 2.5%
Romania 3% +/-1%
Russia 7.0%
Serbia 4.5% +/- 1.5%
Sweden 2.0%
Thailand 3.0%
Turkey 5.5%
UK 2.0%

The Federal Reserve has only an informal long-term economic projection of inflation at 1.7% to 2%. This is, of course, dreamland.


  1. Has anyone noticed there are no "zeros" on the list? Oh, I forgot, it's the BANKER'S targets.

    Zero inflation would mean this bunch of criminals could no longer be able to create fiat money out of thin air. My God, that would bring down the entire financial system! The end of the world as we know it! Bla, bla, bla, bla...

    These sociopaths have yet to figure out that the world is telling them in no uncertain terms to take their "target list" and their piles of fiat and place them where the sun don't shine.

  2. New Zealand (one of the pioneers of inflation targeting) used to have a target of 0-3%... the EU has a target range of 0-2%.

    I agree that inflation can be damaging and distorting, but 1% inflation is better than getting stuck in a deflation trap

  3. Oh and thanks to EPJ for the mention - I'm working on listing more countries in the table...

  4. Just updated the table, 31 banks on there now, will add some more when I get time - may also chuck current inflation rates on there too