Sunday, June 12, 2011

Larry O'Donnell Rips Donald Trump

This is vicious. Will Trump respond?


  1. Not only vicious, but awfully tasteless too. I couldn't help but cringe at this spectacle of counting money in other person's pocket (no matter how pretentious and silly that person is) - and the fact that O'Donnell thinks about elections solely in terms of money. Which really shows that he's exactly the same kind of clown measuring worth of anything in dollars as the man he criticizes. This only goes to show that no amount of money, no clothes, and no grooming can buy class.

  2. The smart thing for Trump would be to disregard his comments as any response would only give O'Donnell what he desperately wants: some attention. This is something both O'Donnell and his show don't otherwise enjoy.

  3. Why is he still on TV? O'Donnell isn't a journalist. All he does is attack. See his interview with Peter Schiff:

    Its sad in an INTERVIEW, the one asking questions talks more than the one answering them.

  4. When you play in the sewer(the media/television world)you got to expect to encounter rats. Big vicious rats, and Trump knows it. It comes with the territory. Besides what Trump is or isn't, Trump wont challenge this rat.

  5. Speaking strictly on the veracity of O'Donnell, taste not withstanding- He's probably right that Donald needs the money.

    What businessman heavy in commercial real estate isn't taking a beating? I wouldn't be suprised if he was negative equity given the market dynamics in the US today.

    I think out of spite Larry probably low balled Donald's pay estimate from NBC, though the numbers aren't as high as say Seinfeld who was offered $22 million an episode(22 episodes) with huge viewship I'd say the reported $61 million is probably accurate given the competitive nature of broadcast today.

    All that being said, I don't believe Trump is a billionaire like he's marketed himself(but he has to keep to up appearances for his "brand" to retain value) and I'm not all that sure he's a successful businessman by any traditonal standards.

    I don't think it was coincidence that Robert Gibbs pushed for a release of Trump's tax returns after the birth certificate stuff...$10 says that he and the Big O had the IRS report back on what Donald was really worth so they knew what they could potentially be up against.

    Given the DNC is planning to host a fund raiser in the White House is it really a stretch to think the big O is abusing his power in this manner?

    Even more telling was the crass response of Trump towards Gibbs after the suggestion to release his tax returns....

    Not that I think any of this is germaine to the issues we face all ends up being "bread and circuses" in the big picture.