Tuesday, June 7, 2011

European Central Bank Has Massive PIIGS Exposure

So that's where they have been sticking the PIIGS paper.

In a report entitled 'A House Built on Sand', by the think tank Euro One, the ECB has a total exposure of approximately €444 billion to the troubled Euro zone countries, and levered 23 to 24 times due to the bailout provided for Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain, reports UK's Telegraph. (To all Euro zone countries, the ECB has a total exposure of €1.9 trillion)

The ECB, according to Euro One,  has a total exposure of approximately €444 billion to Euro zone countries, and levered 23 to 24 times due to the bailout provided for Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain.

So the big question becomes, who has financed the ECB purchases? Since it is a central bank, did ECB just print the euros? Or have the funds been borrowed from Euro bank members who likely will never see their money again, unless the ECB prints it out of thin air, if they haven't done so already?

In any event, this puts the PIIGS crisis in perspective, the ECB is stuffed with PIIGS paper and it appears only ECB money printing from here will prevent the PIIGS from turning into bacon.



  1. My understanding is the ECB conducted Fixed Term Deposits (similar to the Fed's largely unused Term Deposit Facility) to sterilize the sovereign bond purchases. I don't know if they have continued to be rolled over, however.

  2. Slight typo, the ECB has a total exposure of 1.9 trillion to Euro zone countries, 444 billion of which is PIIGS exposure.

  3. Even if the term deposits have to be rolled over, isn't that merely a formality? Aren't the member banks pretty much obligated to do whatever the central bank tells them to do?

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  5. Looks like the ECB is only rolling between $60-$75 in liquidity draining in the weekly FTDs.


    @Allen: it might be the other way around :->

  6. John Galt- thanks for posting that quote. I've been pondering it today, and the implications.

    Not a pretty scenario. Eschalatogical actually.