Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Geithner's Thursday

A heavy day of plotting for the Treasury Secretary.

On Thursday morning, Secretary Geithner will meet with members of the Business Roundtable for a discussion on the Administration’s agenda. 

In the afternoon, the Secretary will attend the Vice President's next meeting of the bipartisan, bicameral group of Members of Congress to continue work on a legislative framework for comprehensive deficit reduction. Participants in the meeting will include the Vice President, Senator Daniel Inouye, Senator Jon Kyl, Senator Max Baucus, Representative Eric Cantor, Representative James Clyburn, Representative Chris Van Hollen, Director of the Office of Management and Budget Jacob Lew, and Director of the National Economic Council Gene Sperling. This meeting at the U.S. Capitol.

Later in the afternoon, Secretary Geithner will meet with the Financial Stability Oversight Board at Treasury. Note indications are that the FSOB is slowly replacing the Plunge Protection Team as the go to government organization that is doing the heavy market plotting.


  1. FSOB... wow, of all the acronyms...

  2. Max Baucus is a corrupt politician. Actually, Max Baucus migt be a nice guy but the unions control the strings that control Max Baucus.
    He is a puppet, a dumb face with nothing behind it.
    The Truth - Montana