Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Is Gang Violence the New Hot Political Issue?

With gang wildings being reported in cities across the country, gang violence on the innocent may become the new political hot issue. A Los Angeles councilwoman running as the Democratic congressional candidate in a July 12 California special election is the target of a seriously offensive ad emphasising her ties with gangsters.

The add was put together by a skilled political operative. Lew Rockwell explains the situation this way:
As usual, Ladd Ehlinger is able to get vast MSM attention for his client and his "horribly hilarious" ad without buying any tv time.
Ehlinger knows what buttons to push and gang violence is a button he is pushing hard. The Daily Caller  has the backstory and a political ad like you have never seen before, here.


  1. Wow, that is some craziness right there. Ok, I am a libertarian (or the Rothbardian variety), but that is just insane. Is this actually airing on LA TV?

  2. This is clever. It seems like the creators can play it off as some kind of parody or caricature of political ads if people get angry enough. The tune was catchy enough, though.

  3. Interesting that the main rapper looks vaguely like Luther Campbell. BTW, Uncle Luke is running for mayor of Miami.

  4. "Clever", "Wow", hardly. Political pornography visible in a decaying society. An affront to any sensible human being. These people are laying claim to being of the human specie? It is going to be a dreadful summer in America. As the Loving Spoonful song beats on, "hot time summer in the city..............."
    The toilet awaits my breakfast.