Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Henry Paulson Inks Deal to Write Book on U.S.-China Ties

This is the damn scariest thing I have read today. I think I would rather read a book written by LeBron James on how a hitter in baseball should deal with the 0-2 pitch.

According to Business Plus, an imprint of the publisher, Grand Central Publishing, Paulson, the former Treasury Secretary and Goldman Sachs CEO, will draw on his experience dealing with Chinese government and business leaders to show how American business leaders and investors can “more effectively engage, invest alongside, and compete against their Chinese counterparts,”


  1. Oh, crap. I wonder how many units they'll shoot through on their first run (Grand Central Publishing). Darn, I am even more curious as to how much they paid him. I would be willing to bet that they did not pay him handsomely, but were rather looking for the publicity (and, he the excuse). Sure, the Beltway will probably buy it up, but if it reaches the "Top 10", we're beyond help; put a cork in us.

  2. If I have my publishers correct, Grand Central also publishes Ron Paul's books.