Saturday, June 25, 2011

Is Gaddafi's Plan for a Gold Currency the Real Reason Behind NATO Attacks on Libya?

There are a number of reasons that European and U.S. interests have incentive to go after Gaddafi. Gaddafi's plan for a new gold backed currency is likely one of them.


  1. I've always been under the impression that's The Only reason.

  2. This was a huge tactical error on the part of The Colonel.

    What he should have done, is to make a public commitment to never ever abandon the dollar, and to always accept the dollar in exchange for oil.

    He would then have been able to sell those dollars on the day of receipt for gold, and then start the process of issuing that gold into minted 100% pure Dinar of different weights.

    The price of oil in dollars is not set, it is always at the market rate. The loss per trade would have been minimal. Converting a nations currency to gold is a multi year process, and accepting the dollar in the way I have described will make it possible.

    There is no need to provoke the USA. There is no profit in it. If The Colonel believes that the dollar is fraudulent and is doomed to fail, it does not need him to push it.