Saturday, June 25, 2011

Woman Arrested for Videotaping Police from Her Front Yard

WHEC-TV reports that Emily Good of Rochester, New York filmed the police officers while they were conducting a traffic stop in front of her home.

Notice how slick this officer is. He gets on tape that she said something to him before the camera went on. Unlikley, given that he seems only aware of her once the camera is rolling. Also, notice the way he shines the light into the camera.


  1. Now here's a Real entertaining follow-up, of the police in Rochester's "retaliation" to Good and friends, whereby they visit the lady's neighborhood with measuring tape to determine if parked cars are within a foot of the curb.

    We have not had to make up bull like this for many years:

  2. They're slowly pushing the average joe to the point where police funding will no longer be sacrosanct. Maybe not so slowly.

  3. Makes sense. It's an easier way to make money and show you're doing something than following through on difficult or dangerous assignments.
    ROI is higher.