Friday, June 24, 2011

Judge: Neo-Con Must Head Back to the Slammer

Conrad Black must have really crossed someone, big time. These guys never end up in the can.

A U.S. judge on Friday ordered former media baron Black to serve 13 more months in prison for his fraud and obstruction of justice conviction. This comes about after he was released from prison following the U.S. Supreme Court narrowing the scope of the federal "honest services" law used to help convict him.

Judge Amy St. Eve of the U.S. District Court, who sentenced Black to 6-1/2 years following his 2007 trial, ordered Black back to prison to serve a total of 42 months, of which 29 months has already been served.

Black's wife, Barbara Amiel Black, collapsed immediately after St. Eve ruled, and was assisted out of the courtroom by medical personnel, according to Reuters.

Although Black played financial magician while he headed Hollinger International, the prosecution had to come up with new legal theories to convict him, which is what the Supreme Court narrowed

In speaking to Judge St. Eve before his resentencing, Reuters reports, Black said he had a "growing army of supporters who never believed I was guilty." Black criticized prosecutors, journalists and corporate regulators for the "scurrilous charges" against him, which he said had destroyed Hollinger.

"I have always tried to take success like a gentleman and disappointment like a man," Black said.

Black may have up to two months before he has to return to prison.

Hollinger International once operated the Chicago Sun-Times, the Jerusalem Post, London's Daily Telegraph and dozens of other newspapers.


  1. With Black having Life Peerage, being an attendee at the Bilderbergers, advising at the Council on Foreign Relations, on previous CIBC bank board, ect., ect., you would think he would have more clout. Not so it seems, he could not out racketeer the racketeers. He would make a great contestant on Trump's the Apprentice when he gets out though. I feel for the sexy, and smart Barbara Amiel, her columns are very good.

  2. I've received my "Conrad Black is being railroaded" info from neo-con Mark Steyn:

    Perhaps the cosmos is punishing Mr. Black for writing "Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Champion of Freedom".