Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Neocon Examines the Weiner Photograph

John Podhoretz, son of the influential neocon Norman Podhoretz, has delved into the Weiner matter and reports:
You, being an upstanding person and a credit to society, probably haven't sought out the notorious photograph of a man's crotch that appeared on Twitter under Rep. Anthony Weiner's name last Friday. Alas, I have seen it. So, after pausing a moment to gag a little from the memory, I will now explain to you that the angle of the cellphone photograph dictates it must have been taken by the person whose crotch it depicts.

This leaves us with two possibilities.
One is that the crotch in question is not Anthony Weiner's crotch, but the evil crotch of an impostor intent on destroying Weiner's career -- and one so skilled that he could hack into both Weiner's Twitter feed and a related system for uploading photographs called YFrog.

The hacker-with-an-impostor-crotch claim is the core of Weiner's defense against the devastating evidence that a 46-year-old married congressman from Brooklyn had sent a lewd sexual message through a social-media site to a student at Whatcom Community College in Washington state....

So how, you may ask, can I say without question that Weiner is a liar?

Actually, the question is, after yesterday's exchange with MNSBC's Luke Russert, how can't I?

"That's not a picture of you?" Russert asked him.

"I can't say with certitude," Weiner replied.

It's simple logic. If he can't say with certitude that it isn't his crotch, he is saying, in effect, that it is undeniably his crotch.

Actually, the only way it could be his crotch without him having taken the picture and then posted it is for the hacker to have leaned over Weiner's shoulder in a location where Weiner was already stripped down to his underpants, placed his own head next to the congressman's without Weiner knowing it, snapped the picture, and then scurried away.
That is the only conceivable other angle from which that specific photo of Anthony Weiner's crotch could have been taken.


  1. The government takes hacking incidents very seriously, especially against a government official. The fact that he's not escalating this and trying to write it off as a harmless prank is all you need to know about the veracity of that claim.

  2. If anyone is an expert on crotchshots it is Podhoretz.

  3. Wenzel,

    I'm sure lots of readers love this kind of stuff.

    But it's a private picture, no? Meant for whoever is at the other end....not bored voyeurs.

    What happened to gentlemen don't read each other's mail (...or email... or private tweets ....or private tweets that went out publicly by accident)?


    Bad Wenzel.

  4. Maybe someone hacked into Weiner's crotch-cam that was installed by Weiner's wife to make sure the weiner was untouched by others. Given the crotch-cam would need to be wireless, lest it attract too much attention on CSPAN, perhaps it was only WEP encrypted.

  5. Anon(2): 'crotch-cam'. I don't want to go there. Please! I suspect his wife doesn't anymore, either. Ugh!

  6. I didn't see the photo. Could it have been taken with a cell phone in a locker room at a health club or something?

    That would not be hard to do - you fake like you're talking on your cell phone and then click when the victim isn't paying attention.

  7. If the student was over 18 who cares? Nobody's else's business.